Abortions at 12 weeks? Get Real!

I’m shocked by the amount of women who are against abortion and the 24 week limit in our country. Some things said to me really angered me, but I decided to blog about abortions as many who are against it have never been in that situation.

First of all its not an “easy way out” and any woman who comes out after having an abortion without feeling guilty or upset is not a real human being. You know it was a foetus and you know that can be a living being like you or I, so naturally it isn’t easy to choose this option and to come to terms with it may take years. Also doctors will ask you over and over if this is right as they can’t do it if they believe you are being forced to having one or having second thoughts. It’s painful every time they ask and you will probably feel bad every single time you nod for the go ahead, it’s tough but you have good reasons and you have spoken to them about it a million times.

Another point is you can’t just keep going in for abortions. You can have one, maybe two, but if you come in often enough they will start questioning you further. For me I was refused the pill and told after my abortion to get the pill (hospital gave me a prescription) or they may not consider me for an abortion next time. I came off the pill with doctors agreeing as it was affecting me badly after 5 years on it, but we used other contraception. I got pregnant but didn’t want to have an abortion and being in a stable relationship I had no concerns for the future either.

A lot of women don’t know they are pregnant early on, and there’s always a queue to get an abortion. I was 12 weeks when I found out but was 16 weeks when I was in hospital. Does that mean if I found out I was 12 weeks in and wanted an abortion would I be told to sod off even though I had bleeds and only just found out I’m pregnant and further in the pregnancy than I thought?

Women fought for our rights and now it seems we are taking steps back. If anything this change will open us to back street abortions where women are having to pay money to dodgy people to do an illegal thing.

I’m understanding to people who dislike abortions, but its a choice that we should be allowed, specially for those who are forced upon or assaulted.

Next time I will blog about my experience as many seem to think its an in and out job and some even think its an operation done quickly. Time to explain the real deal of Abortions on the NHS.

Comments are welcome, I enjoy a discussion and debate, but please if you are going to attack me or troll me then don’t bother as it’s not worth trying to do that to me as I’ve heard it all before.

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9 thoughts on “Abortions at 12 weeks? Get Real!

  1. You are one amazing woman for writing this post. It i NOT an easy thing to do and you are FOREVER riddled with guilt and sadness People need to learn the truth behind something so hard.
    Well done.
    Great Post!! xxxxx

    • Thank you, I will be writing a post about exactly what happened to me during my time in hospital. I remember it very well even 9 years on. The one thing that keeps me going it the fact my son was born in 2010 a day after I was having my abortion many years ago. It’s kind of a sign to me that this was meant to be and makes my boy extra special in my eyes.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I am torn between desperately wanting other people to understand what I went through when I had my abortion and not quite being ready to tell the world, yet. Well done you for talking about it.

    The only part of your post I’d disagree with is, “any woman who comes out after having an abortion without feeling guilty or upset is not a real human being.” – I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t feel upset. I never have. All I felt then and now is an overwhelming sense of relief that I lived in a country where I could access an abortion when I needed it. Relief and gratitude. I don’t think it makes me a bad person and I’m definitely a real (and lovely!) human being.

    It’s so hard because I believe if we talked about our experiences, abortion would be less stigmatised but I’ve experienced some real hatred from people I’d considered friends when I’ve talked about my experience. It’s so emotive.

    • Thanks for your comment, perhaps it was my peri dal experience that made it hard to not be upset. The guy attacked me before I got pregnant then got worse after I had the abortion. His father even called me a murderer and he agreed with his dad. My clinical depression also isn’t helpful. Perhaps all these things make it harder for me to just let it go as “it’s in the past, just move on” history of my life.

      Again thank you for your reply. Opened my mind some more 🙂

  3. I am 100% pro life. In an ideal world I would like to see abortion banned completely. I do understand that it cannot be completely abolished for rape victims and those carrying severely disabled children, having not been in either of those situations I will not condemn people who have opted for it under those circumstances, but will aplaud those who bravely chose adoption as an alternative, or those truly amazing women who raised the child themself. I can’t begin to imagine the sort of mind that justifies the killing of a baby for a ‘social situation’. Everyone has problems in life, children are not always ‘convenient’, I myself found myself pregnant whilst at Uni, the father didnt want to know, I had no one to support me, however the though of having a temination at even an early stage never crossed my mind. Babies are a potential consequence of sex, even when contraception is used, that’s a fact of life. If you are grown up enough to be having sex then you should also be grown up enough to raise the child you have created, or as I mentioned before, put your hands up say “I can’t do this” and hand it over to an infertile couple that can. When you looked at your ‘wanted’ baby on ultrasound, did you get that special, magical feeling that you had made that precious little thing? Tiny hands, feet, nose, the little kicks as it tries to fight of the scanner, showing it’s feisty character and defensive attitude at just 12 weeks. Or did it fail to warm the cockles of your heart as you had already disgarded of it’s equally special elder sibling. Seeing my child for the first time made me weep tears of joy, looking at the most wonderful thing I had ever done, the only thing I tossed in the bin was my degree, unimportanat in the scheme of things. Abortion is selfish, selfish because you are putting your lifestyle before your child’s LIFE. I can’t think of any worldy tangibles or intangibles that are more important or gratifying than being a parent. My personal perspective is that any woman who has an abortion should be swifty sterilized afterwards (with the exception of aformentioned rape victims, those carrying handicapped children). If you treat your baby as a piece of rubbish then you should be denied the right to ever be a mother, because let’s face it, you lack the selflessness needed to be a good mother.

    • There are reasons as to why I didn’t go for Adoption. For one I was very mentally unwell and by law when the child is of legal age he/she can go and find their “real” parents if they choose to do so. I honestly do not think, even 9 years on from when I had to make the choice, I could have taken it very well if a child called me up or knocked at my door saying they were my child and wanting to know why I put him/her up for adoption. Not only do I think it would have affected myself mentally in a bad way but also the child as if they wanted to know more I would be telling them about the abusive father he/she really has and I honestly did not want the father to be contacted or have the child live knowing the history of their true parents.
      Also there’s so many children (babies and older) who are in adoption centres, I cannot see why sticking more babies in the centres is any help to our world. We are a planet who are growing to rapidly as it is anyway plus with IVF treatment being the second option for parents unable to have a child naturally adoption is being more and more ignored as a family planning option and more a dumping ground for unwanted children.
      I should point out to you that when you discuss all the options and you are looking at adoption or abortion they will NOT let you see the ultrasound so no, I did not get that magical feeling when they did the scan as they don’t show the image to you at any point as to the doctors and nurses the scan is to date the foetus.
      Thank you for your comment, I fully understand why people are against abortion and to be honest I wasn’t a fan of abortion before I was in such an abusive relationship. I’m lucky to have my son who makes me smile every single day and I’m in a much better relationship than I was back then.

  4. You’re a brave woman to talk about your experiences and I really admire you for that. I agree abortions at 12 weeks are ridiculous, some women don’t even know they’re pregnant at 12 weeks and everyone has their own reasons for wanting or needing an abortions so to class everyone in the same boat is silly too. And in politics it’s been mostly men vocalising about this subject and frankly how do they know what’s appropriate!!

    • I have found mostly women are against abortion at 24 weeks, if not abortion completely. The problem is that many of those women are against it because of their background where they had a stillborn baby or premature birth, and whilst I hate that families go through such awful times in such a modern era they really need to open their mind and realise some women have legitimate reasons to have an abortion. Hope that doesn’t sound harsh!

  5. I am torn on the morality of abortion. It is not something I think I personally could do unless I was likely to have a severely disabled child (and that is only recent as I now have a child who’s needs also have to be taken into account) or raped/in an abusive relationship. However, on the flip side I would hate to see a return to back street abortions where young women’s lives are put at risk.

    I am fortunate in that I have never been in a position where abortion was the remotest possibility so I don’t particularly feel I am in a position so comment really.

    I do think there is room for debate for the abortion limit to be reduced to perhaps 20 weeks given the medical advances now and if I remember correctly, this is what David Cameron has suggested.

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