So you’ve landed on my About page. Well be prepared for an adventure. Actually no that’s a lie, sorry I was trying to make myself sound extreme. In reality I am a mother of two kids, owner of pink hair (born with it), female gamer (remember when Sonic was in good games?) ¬†and lover of tea. I like to do Let’s Play videos on YouTube, live stream on Twitch.tv and pretend I’m still cool. My son is 5 years old and a growing gamer kid with his favourite games being Minecraft, Destiny and Mario Kart 8. My daughter is a bit too young to get the grips of video games but no doubt she’ll join the ranks with her daddy, big brother and her mummy soon enough.

What else can I say about myself? Well… I studied Media for 3 years at college, went to university to study Radio Production and found out not only was I mega dyslexic but that it was all about computer science and a lot of binary talk. I didn’t care about all that and just wanted to learn how to use the programs, the equipment and know what to use where and when, not be under with all the cables and trying to code software. So I quit (after a massive breakdown due to my depression) and moved to Birmingham where I pretty much stayed. I’ve been desperate to work in Media pretty much since I left secondary school and so far not had much luck in the job department. My blog and my YouTube channel are my life’s work using what I did learn, though I won’t bore you all with how Media Studies almost ruined cinema trips for me.