Apologises – Normality Will Resume Soon!

You’ve probably noticed my lack of updates here. Well stuff in my life has shaken me around and I had not realised how much it had affected me until recently. Most of these are my own health and as I’m a mother of two children I will put my health before my blog, I’m sure you all understand that.

People who have known me for a long time will already know that I have been getting back pains for many years. Those who don’t know it’s been ongoing for roughly 6 years now. Yes I have seen the doctors several times in that period and for a long time I was just thrown pain relief in hope to fix it. It didn’t and they decided to remove my gallbladder which was full of gallstones. This is known to cause back pains so after a bad reaction to the anaesthetic I felt so much better and could get on with my life. Sadly the back pain came back. I have a new doctor and this was the first doctor who actually touched me. Seriously. None of them before had actually touched me to examined me more then just asking me a few questions. It’s been decided that I require physiotherapy so currently on the waiting list, along with a packet of pain relief until then. So the back pain has left me not really being able to sit at my computer for long periods of time. Infact as I write this the pain is so bad I want to cry. If anything I’m mostly fed up of living with this pain. I know something isn’t right about my back and I just want to know what’s wrong.

Next was a bit more serious and I hadn’t really realised how much it was bothering me. A few weeks ago a nurse was examining me and noticed a large and rather firm area on my body. Alarm bells rang in her head and soon in mine when she told me I needed to get booked in the hospital ASAP. I asked her what could it be, seeing as she seemed rather concerned and the fact she wanted me seen to urgently. She said the word no one wants to hear. It could be cancerous. The big scary C word. I very quickly got booked in to hospital, like moments after I got home they called me up. I knew how serious it could well be but some reason I just sort of got on with things. Mostly because I didn’t want people around me knowing and worrying. A few days later I was in hospital where I got the news it wasn’t cancer, however I’d still need surgery. I went shopping afterwards and only as we left to go home did it all hit me. I felt sick as I finally let all the stress and worry out. It hit me how lucky I was, how easily my life could have changed that very moment and glad the nurse did her job so well. I do still need surgery and I’ll probably be semi-inactive when the date of my surgery draws near, but it’s nothing serious. That’s what matters the most.

All I can say is if you think there’s anything abnormal or you are not feeling right then please see your doctor. You know your body better then anyone else and don’t feel you’re wasting GPs time. They are there to help you and rather you saw them then ignore it and let it get worse.

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