Boys Rule Girls Drool… Right?

Having a little boy has it’s advantages, but also some disadvantages. So for my dear and sweet readers I present to you… Pros and Cons of Having a Boy! Starting with the Pros.

Got enough balls in there?

Rough Play – I love that I can be a little rough with my boy. I can throw him in the air and catch him, eat him up, have pillow fights and know he will love it all because boys just love a bit of rough and tumble.
Mummy’s Boy – It’s a common saying and in my case my boy is very clingy to me and certainly Mummy’s Boy. It’s very cute and has meant I’ve been able to bond close with my son.
Balls – Anything that is round and bounces is a ball and in that case is the best thing in the whole world (see below for other ‘best thing in the whole world’). The bonus is balls are pretty damn cheap to buy and come in all sorts of colours and sizes. We have ball pit balls, stress balls (given to me for free at baby events… I wonder why!) and he has a Thomas & Friends football and Gran and Grandpa’s which he loves.
Cars and Trains – These things are the best thing in the whole world (also see ‘Balls’) and when your boy is old enough they will probably be into programmes like Thomas & Friends, Chuggington and Roary the Racing Car. Best part is you can go out for a walk and your boy will make the world come to life by pointing at every single car that to you would seem boring but to him it’s full of wonder and amazement.

So that’s some of the joys of having a boy, what about the Cons…

Can’t leave without Thomas and Thomas books

Boy Bits – Sadly all boys have these as standard, you can’t ask the doctor to turn it into a girl’s part as it’s not like a car and also the doctor may report you for being a crazy person that probably shouldn’t have this child. Boy bits make great fire hoses and when your boy is very little you will have pee fly everywhere during a nappy change and he will tug and pull at his bits like it’s an elastic band.
Mummy’s Boy – Yes this can be a Con too. Now my boy is older he is actually too clingy to me and won’t go as far as 4 steps away from me. Also word of advice… enjoy those kisses and cuddle when you can because they won’t last (see below).
Kisses and Cuddles – Kisses and cuddles are a girly thing to do and these are evil and gross to boys. Infact I’ve used kisses as a way of having a lay in by telling him the Kiss Monster is coming and he runs off. I miss our kisses and cuddles but he’s a growing boy and all those sorts of things are on the same level of interest as having an injection and washing their hair.
Cars and Trains – After a few hours of Thomas & Friends or whatever your boy ends up loving you will want to slit your wrists or take up drinking (if you haven’t already). Also after he points to a car and says “car” for the millionth time since you left your house and you have haven’t even gotten off the road you live on you will wonder when the world will swallow you up. Or perhaps you are not as crazy as me and pray they say something else very soon.