Top Five One-Size Nappies

After doing my top five cloth nappies I realised how hard it was to pick just five and so though I’d do top five list for different types of nappies. So here are Petit Mom’s favourite one-size nappies and why.

Bumgenius Freetime
Okay this nappy does cost a bit more than some, however it is well worth the cost and not only is it so easy to use, it will last to potty training and will happily continue working well future babies. Best of all you can choose poppers or velcro, it’s all up to you. If you are looking into cloth nappies for your new baby and people are asking for gift ideas then why not ask for some Bumgenius Freetimes! Continue reading

Top Five Cloth Nappies

I’m asked about cloth nappies often,¬†especially¬†by new-parents and soon-to-be parents find me at The Baby Show (the pink hair and the Smartipants/Tots Bots bags make me easy to find) and then it hit me. Why don’t I write a blog post with my five favourite cloth nappies? I will admit picking them wasn’t easy but I highly recommend these.

If you want a one-size pocket style nappy but don’t want to get your hands in to remove the urine-filled insert then Smartipants is perfect for you. They have a pocket that has two openings and is made so you simply put the nappy in the wash with the inserts still inside and they will pop out during the wash cycle. Smart, right? No wonder they have the name Smartipants! They aren’t too expensive and come in lovely colours. Great for day time use. Continue reading