Insomnia 59 – Will You Be There?

Insomnia Gaming Festival has become a stamp in my gaming diet. I went to i56, I was booked to go to i57 however fell very ill and went to most recent i58. I’m already booked for i59 and honestly I’m super hyped! With it being close to Christmas I can foresee some excellent games being shown to push for Christmas. Oh and let’s not forget my favourite area…


But seriously the last one was bigger and better then ever before. I watched a lot of stage stuff, had fun meeting some of the YouTubers, entered loads of competitions, got to once again meet Special Effect charity, drooled over so many retro games and got myself some Insomnia clothing. Because you cannot got there without getting at least a t-shirt! There was also a HUGE area for Twitch where many streamers were live streaming at the event and then there was League of Legends. Now if you’re a LoL fan then my god why haven’t you been to Insomnia yet?! Get your wallet out, buy those tickets and enjoy some amazing championships. You’ll not regret it.

So will you be there? If you want a little idea of what to expect I did a video at i56 to show what it’s like. Honestly there is way more to it and I only show off some of the exciting and cool bits. You can buy tickets online at Insomnia Gaming Festival’s website if you haven’t already, it’s over at the NEC where there’s hotels all around but you can always consider the indoor camping option if you prefer. Hope to see you there!

Insomnia 56 – UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival

If you haven’t heard of Multiplay and their amazing gaming festival then check out this video showing off Insomnia 56 at the NEC, Birmingham. There’s an assortment of video games to play from ye olde times to present day and even future! Worth going to Insomnia if you’re a gamer? HECK YEAH! Enjoy the vid!

You can already book tickets for Insomnia 57 and it is probably worth booking in advance as some tickets sell out fast! Hope to see you there in March.