My New Business and New Fluff

I have been bit lazy and not written much about cloth nappies so here goes…

First of all I have opened my own online store selling cloth nappies called Babysaurus and already doing fairly well. I’ve only got two brands currently up on the site but both of them are very much ones I trust in and can’t wait to expand my store.

Today I got handed a big box by my mail man, which confused me at first but I knew I had been buying a few things online recently so figured it must be for me. Sure enough it had my name on it and then I saw the company’s name on the box.

I instantly knew what was inside. My brand new Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy and Violet Baby Scents Magic Laundry Liquid! I’ve just pre-washed the nappy now but to give you an insight of what this nappy looks like here’s a photograph of it, please ignore the crayon on our coffee table as Petit Boy has learnt you can colour ANYTHING and not just paper.

I have yet to give it a go but shall be putting it on to Petit Boy tomorrow morning with the Smart Fit wrap on. I’ve bought a Little Lamb wrap and two of their Microfibre nappies so they will be here in the next few days. I’m also waiting for two Itti Bitti D’lish nappies which are pre-loved and hope to have them up on Babysaurus in a few days time in the Pre-loved section.
If you have any pre-loved nappies you want rid of please contact me!