Real Nappy Week Guest Post – Susan Marshall

Today for Real Nappy Week we have a Nappy Guru from Fill Your Pants answering an assortment of questions on using cloth nappies and what she loves about using them. If you live in Sheffield or nearby and considering trying out cloth nappies then contact Susan.
What age was your little one when you started using cloth nappies?
 Once we got home from hospital – for the eldest just over a week old, youngest about 4 days I think.
Do you have any brand or style of nappy you prefer to use and if so why?
Our original kit was a preloved set of Little Lamb bamboo fitteds with wraps – they are really reliable. I’ve got a few different brands of fitteds and wraps now, but Ive also now discovered All-In-Twos – GroVia and Milovia – which are a bit slimmer fitting and take up less storage space!

Do you have a favourite colour or print?

I love my Elephants and Monsters Blueberry Coveralls.


Were there any nappies that just didn’t work for you?

We don’t get on all that well with pocket nappies – my worst buys ever were some ‘eBay cheapies’ – useless for us unless changed every hour!

Will you (or have you) reuse your cloth nappies on your next child? If no what will you do with your stash?

We are on cloth bum number two already!

Do you let them dry naturally or are you a tumble drier user or perhaps a mix of both?

Mostly we air dry – outside if at all possible. I occasionally dry the absorbent parts in the tumble drier if I’m struggling for space.

If you could design a nappy print what would be on it?

A nappy with pictures of babies in nappies on it I think.


For parents considering trying cloth nappies what do you suggest to them?

Think about your priorities, speak to existing users if you can, and remember that what works for one family might be different to what works for another – that’s why there are so many to choose from. Borrowing a few nappies from friends or  library can be a good way to work out your preferences.