Nintendo and the Lack of Stock

I like to think this could become a movie or something as Nintendo seem to do this on such a regular basis it could become as big as the Harry Potter series. For you see every single time Nintendo release a console or video game they fail to prepare a decent amount of stock for the consumers. It’s been going on for so long now I cannot remember when it first began.

To give a more recent example let us look at the Nintendo Classic Mini. It was obvious from the start that people would be desperate to get their hands on this. They had seen other companies (such as SEGA) do well in reselling their old console with built in games and they certainly know there’s people out there with a high level of nostalgia (they need to only look at the virtual console game sales to give them an idea) to have known how much we would want this miniature NES. People had put in pre-orders back in July/August time and the console only came out on 11th November (also… did Nintendo really pick 11th November for a release day? Seriously?)  yet some people are still waiting for their pre-orders.


No stores have the consoles for sale, no one even has the controllers which can be used with the Wii U making the virtual console even more enjoyable, but no they couldn’t be bothered to make enough controllers either. Why, Nintendo? Why!

This is common for Nintendo to the point I will even say “they pulled a Nintendo” whenever this happens. Heck lets look at Amiibos, they sold out stupid fast and Nintendo said they didn’t think they would be so popular. What? You thought gamers would not want to collect bits of cute plastic of their favourite characters to be used in some of your video games? Are you for real, Nintendo? Because of this we would see some Amiibos sell on eBay and Amazon for nearly £100 each. I wanted Rosalina so badly but not enough to pay triple figures for her. She’s cute and gives me a nice outfit in Mario Kart 8 but not worth filling the wallet of some douche.

Perhaps Nintendo need to fire their PR and Marketing team for doing a very good job, because had they not bothered perhaps they’d not have sold out so quickly and had some stock left for Christmas. Or perhaps Nintendo need to sort themselves out and buckle up on creating enough stock in the first place.

How I Feel After E3

So I watched Geek & Sundry’s E3 Coverage. Firstly I love their hosts but Jess was an absolute star with her interviewing and showing us around E3. Anyway the downside of being in the UK is time zones and so I had to re-watch most of the stuff later. Firstly the main things I wanted to hear/see were Fallout, Animal Crossing and Halo 5: Guardians.

First let me talk about Nintendo. I was so angry. So very angry that they pushed a stupid game like Mario Maker so hard, but left such an amazing looking game as Fast Racing Neo very under hyped. Sorry I’m not a kid and 8 bit on a Wii U console isn’t anything we asked for. Get over yourselves, Nintendo. You are clingy to the past like a middle aged man refusing to believe he’s getting too old to own a Ferrari or do cool stuff. Fast Racing Neo looks like F-Zero and Wipeout mashed together and oh my gosh the speed and graphics looked brilliant. Cannot wait to see more of that!

And let’s not forget that the one game I was dying to hear about which was Animal Crossing Wii U. I hadn’t seen it and my fiancé told me it was announced, instantly wanted it. Then I saw the video.

I flipped a table.

I screamed as I flipped more tables.

I ran out of tables that hadn’t already been flipped with rage.

What the hell, Nintendo? No one wanted Mario Party with Animal Crossing characters. This is not what we Animal Crossing fans asked for. So the Biggest Disappointed of E3 Award goes to…. Animal Crossing Wii U. Thank you, Nintendo. Nice try but I won’t touch that game or those Amiibos unless you make a proper game. I dislike it so much I’m not even going to bother showing it on my blog.

Up next is Sony. I think this year made me hate Sony more then ever. Why? Because they splashed out of owning tons of “exclusive on Playstation” content. I can play Destiny on Xbox or Playstation but if I wanted a certain gun I had to buy Playstation first and play that version, not the Xbox version. I hate this, it’s desperation and waste of god damn money on Sony’s behalf. However Sony have contributed towards Shenmue 3, so they get a few goodness points there. Final Fantasy 7 remake was also announced and… I don’t know, guys. I want to be excited but the teenager in me has long gone. I’m 29 years old and it’s been 18 years since the original (I think? Maybe my Maths is wrong)  and about the only tiny thing I may care about is Cloud cross-dressing but that’s not enough for me to buy it. To me, Sony didn’t announce anything that made me want a Playstation. Sorry, Sony. However as I know many people are excited for this here’s the trailer.

Microsoft are next! Finally we can play 360 games on the Xbox One. I was so happy about this but after a few days of mulling it over I went “hang on if they can do this now why wasn’t be available before?”. Feels bit cheesy. Maybe that’s just me though. Anyway Halo 5 was shown and being a Halo fan I was hyped, though still felt desperate for more, which is good because showing too much isn’t always the best way to sell a product, specially a video game which a story behind it. To be honest I felt Microsoft did fairly well this year. Check out this game play and bit more to the Halo 5 story below. Oh and did I say Nathan Fillion is in this game? That’s a perfectly good reason to love it already.

Fallout 4 was announced. Love this trailer so much I’m linking it below. Seriously I cannot wait for it to come out. Partly want it on PC but then realising the PC is getting dated think the XBox One will run it better. I’m sure Playstation 4 will be optimal if you have one. Oh and perhaps it’s just me being a sissy but I watered up when saw the baby cot and the radio presenter at that moment. So shall just warn you of the feels there if you’re as mushy as me.

So what did you like about E3? Did you see any Indie Games you enjoyed? Or perhaps you diagree with my likes and dislikes? Comment below and hope you had a fun E3 viewing!

Splatoon Hype!

So a while ago I wrote about my thoughts on whether to buy a Wii U or not and I was surprised when my fiancé bought one. Since then we have played with our son Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros with lots of laughs and silliness. But now a new game is on the horizon.

“Can I play Splatoon now, Mummy?”

This has been a sentence I have been welcomed to by my son a fair bit recently. And soon I can reply to him with “yes!” but he is 5 years old and doesn’t get the idea that whilst a game is being advertised it doesn’t mean you can buy it and play it right now.He just thinks I mean not today or right now, maybe later or tomorrow. But soon he’ll get a surprise when I finally tell him it is available to play.


So what’s Splatoon? Well I have only tested the online part (when Nintendo’s servers were working… COUGH Nintendo… COUGH!) for an hour (again COUGH) and got the idea of it fairly quickly. The online side to it is basically a paint war. The turf needs to be painted on your team’s ink colour and whoever has the most of their colour inked on the map is the winner. You get to pick from different weapon choices, all comical. There guns are more like water guns and one of them is a huge paint roller. The main characters are actually squid-like beings who have a squid form and a human form and these are known as Inklings. I also understand you can customise your Inkling character.


Single player mode has a story side to it and seen some bits of it on YouTube and Twitch and story mode looks fairly fun. I’ll certainly be putting my thoughts down here later once I get to play it through.

So are you ready for Splatoon? Will you be buying it? Have you already pre-ordered? And will you be getting any of the Amiibos? Love to hear your thoughts so far and have fun tomorrow.


Side note: I’ve heard it’ll be out a tad early on eShop on Wii U so keep your eyes peeled tonight!

To Wii U or Not to Wii U?

We’ve been an XBox family since I can remember. The Playstation 3 was in out home for a while but it was purely for blu-ray stuff and decided that wasn’t a good enough reason to keep it around. Now we have an Xbox One and 360 sitting side by side by I wonder often if a Wii U would suit us. Here’s a few things I’ve been thinking about to give you a rough idea on why we are finding it hard to decide.


Mario Kart 8
I love Mario Kart, missed playing these games but this game is still strong and recently my son has asked if he could play this. I also know a few families with kids similar age to my son who also love this game so I think this could be a chance for him to play with other kids. Also I love the idea of racing with my son. I don’t really think I have a downside to this game. Not that I know of yet!

Super Smash Bros.
Been playing this since N64 and it’s painful that for a long time this was my only game I wanted on a Wii U. I know I could get it on a DS but doesn’t seem as fun or as cool. This could be a game all of us could play together. It’s fun, silly, exciting and got loads of cool characters. Downside? My son doesn’t like losing at these sorts of games, but perhaps it’ll teach him people can win and it’s okay to lose once in a while.


Not out yet but what I have seen looks great. I think we’ll all have a good time with this, I can see my son certainly liking the shooting ink, the fact you’re a squid (guess why he likes that idea!) and for me I also like the music. Downside? Not knowing huge amount about it except what I’ve seen from trailers, also doesn’t look cheap either.

Finally… the other issue…

The Age of The Wii U
The Wii U has been out for about 2 years now, 3 years in November. Is it a good idea to buy a console already over 2 years old? And do we get second hand or new? My fiancé seems best to go new due to warranty being offered but then is a brand new price worth it for something fairly dated? Although Zelda game has been pushed back does mean should be out next year so that would be something we’d like to play as adults.

Thoughts? Should we go for it? New or second hand? Love to hear from Wii U owners!