REVIEW: Cat Ear Headphones

I haven’t done much in way of reviews recently, specially after my move from being a parenting blogger to more video games and tech. But when the people of Oregon Scientific contacted me to work with them I was very excited because the product was one I was very interested in trying out for a while. The cat ear headphones!

I’ve been looking for some headphones that are comfortable around my eyes. I find earphones to be uncomfortable and often one of them will pop out every so often. The other type are on the ear headphones which as someone who wears glasses all day I found rather painful pressing my ears against the arms of my glasses. These headphones are OVER the ears and have a soft cushion to keep sound in as well as outside sound out, meaning you get comfort and no noise from around you disturbing your music. Perfect!


Quality wise the sound is very good, in fact better then I expected! The ears are speakers so your friends can listen to whatever music you have on as well rather then having to do that weird share one earplug thing that you see some people do. The speakers are super amazing but good enough that your mates can listen just fine. Quality is certainly in the headphones themselves when comes to sound and honestly I’ve only really used the ear speakers at the most three times and one of those was by mistake. I was waiting for my class in college to start and when I took my headphones off my teacher asked me if I was enjoying the music as much as he was. Whoops!

The headphones are heavier then normal headphones. This is due to the fact the ears are speakers and thus there’s more involved inside them compared to a normal headset. I thought maybe I’d find this bothersome but I’d not really found it to be a problem. The fit is good enough that they don’t slip off my head and I can use them with my iPhone, iPad and my PC without issues. It also comes with a microphone adaptor that you can add or remove so you could use it for video games and speak to your first on Team Speak, Mumble or Skype. Nice little bonus if you ask me!

So would I recommend these for Christmas? I would! They are fun for music fans as well as gamers too, but I’d bet gamers would all over this. I’ve even met someone else in the wild wearing these so don’t feel shy in showing off your cat ears!

You can find them on Amazon and grab them in time for Christmas.


Review: DisneyLife App

I have been sent a subscription for the DisneyLife app to try out and being the gadget loving family we are we were all excited to try it out. So let’s see if it’s worth subscribing to.

Firstly you can set up profiles for the family, pick a profile image and settings. My profile requires a PIN that the children don’t know. The kids’ have their own profiles which I set up to U rated movies and shows to only pop up on their account. So I know they won’t end up watching any of the PG movies by mistake. Nice little thing for Disney to do and thumbs up to them!

Next might I add are the choice of soundtracks and books. Books for all ages! Above is a book of Brave which is for younger children, my 5 year old son read them perfectly fine which only a few tricky words but he managed to sound them out. There’s also books that read to your child or have option to turn this off and read it yourself. We didn’t really dive into the music part of DisneyLife but I did find Big Hero 6 soundtrack and spent my time in the kitchen cooking as Immortals was playing.

But what are the negatives with DisneyLife? Well image above shows me searching for Wreck it Ralph. It’s a movie my kids love and one of my favourite movies also. But where is it? Sure there’s the soundtrack (which I love) and some books but the movie? What happened to it? Same with Brave, you can read the Brave books but not watch the film. This seems a bit disappointing from Disney. I should be able to enjoy all their great movies specially if paying for this service. It isn’t like Disney have to get the licensing for it like Netflix do.

So do I think DisneyLife is worth trying? If you have kids who love Disney, Disney Jr (we don’t have the channel anymore), love to read and you need another way for them to play Let It Go a million times til your iPhone or iPad battery dies then this is certainly a good thing to have. Just a bit saddened by some of the missing content. But hey you can get 1 month free so why not look around for yourself?

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The Gift of Caring with Care Bears

I’m a child of the 80’s and loved a lot of the cartoons of that era, still do if I have to be truly honest. One of those was Care Bears. I had a few favourites… Actually think I loved them all but we remember one with a symbol on their belly of a love heart. Tenderheart.

It’s Valentines Day very soon and what a perfect and cute gift would a Care Bear be specially for a fan of the original TV show? You have a choice of small 8 inch toy, the medium which is 14 inches or the huge bundle of fluffy goodness which is 20 inches.

This is the 20 inch Tenderheart. In the large range you also have Share Bear (purple), Cheer Bear (pink) and Funshine Bear (yellow) each with high quality and well detailed symbols on their tummy. The large bears are £24.99 and perfect for cuddling up to.

The medium size bears are the same bears as above but also include Grumpy Bear and Harmony Bear. These are £17.99 and for a bonus come with a DVD with an episode from the new animated series.

Finally the smaller beanie style bears are Grumpy Bear, Funshine Bear, Share Bear and Cheer Bear and cost only £7.99 each.

I felt a size comparison was required to show how big the 20 inch Tenderheart really is so here is a picture of me with my best buddy. His head is almost as big as my own!

Are you a fan of Care Bears or have a child who likes the new show? Love to hear which bear is your favourite! Check out any of the following stores:

The Entertainer

Disclosure: I was sent the Tenderheart bear to review, however my opinions are my own and unbiased. Amazon link is an affiliate link, any sales made through this link I will receive a small percentage.

Teaching with Twinkl – Room on the Broom

Continuing with our trial of Twinkl from Gruffalo work sheets we have moved on to a new theme but by the same author, Julia Donaldson. This time it’s the lovely story Room on the Broom

We printed out the word mat to help him look up words related to the book and placed it on his table to check out. We discussed the words, sounded them all out and pointed them out in the book. Afterwards we did some Trace The Words related to the story. The words were things like Witch, Wand and Broomstick. He didn’t need my help and was able to sound them out as he wrote each word out. He was very chuffed with his work and wanted to do more!

Next was some addition using images related to the book. We counted the, up and wrote how many there were above them just to help with his writing as he went from being able to write numbers to forgetting some numbers in a short space of time so thought could help him doing this. This is additions of up to 20 but the highest answer was 11 so didn’t feel quiet like additions up to 20. He loved counting and adding with his and again very proud of his work.

You can find loads of Room on the Broom themed worksheets and more on Twinkl. You can choose between free account, Gold account or Platinum. It certainly is worth it whether you’re kids are at school, a childminder, home educator or a teacher.

Disclosure: I was given access to platinum account, some resources I may show on my blog are not accessible to free accounts. My opinions are unbiased.