Cloth Nappies – Supermarkets & Their Stock

One issue that I have with buying cloth nappies is supermarkets don’t stock any or if they do they stock very few compared to the amount of disposables that they offer customers. Well I had a breakthrough on Twitter and would like your help too.

On Monday night I spoke to @UKTesco on twitter about the fact they only have one brand of cloth nappies and if they’d ever stock other brands. They asked for my suggestions and I listed a few other brands and that I thought if they were to become the first big supermarket to sell a large stock of cloth nappies.

So this is where I need your help. Contact Tesco on Facebook, Twitter or in your local branch asking them about stocking other brands of cloth nappies. At the moment they stock a small portion of Tots Bots, which is a great start but there’s different types of nappies out there. If you are a nappy brand reading this then please get in touch with Tesco about stocking your fluffy goodness!