Sorry Elsa I’m an Anna Fangirl

If you haven’t seen Frozen by now you must either be living under a huge rock or have no heart or soul. It’s a great movie and lovely to see that even after the brilliant Wreck-it Ralph Disney can still make movies without needing to stamp Pixar’s logo on to it to just make a successful film. But Elsa… why do children all love that woman?


I love Anna, the younger sibling of the two Princesses in this film and the little girl who sings Do You Want to Build a Snowman is adorable. Oh and For the First Time in Forever I just loved the tune, the words and the scene itself just showed the audience what present day Anna is truly like. And you know what she kind of reminds me of myself. A little.

Anna is a bit quirky, ditzy and has quite a thing for expressing herself. She doesn’t just express how she feels with words, she expresses with her body. And some times her singing voice which sadly I do not own. I love her for all of this and more.


Elsa is a big part of the film. I mean without her the movie would just be… A Day in Arendelle. So no I’m not saying I hate Elsa, Let it Go is not only a beautifully sung song and Disney did a fantastic job with showing and expressing Elsa’s transformation from the scared Princess (and Queen as she just became the Queen of Arendelle) into a Queen who is cool (sorry bad pun) with who she is, confident and loving her powers. I studied movie live action films but that scene is just fantastic, bravo! But I just find myself more in love with Anna.

I guess the bonus of being an Anna fangirl is that her merchandise takes a bit longer it sell out. Admittedly by that I mean about 10 minutes longer so enough time for you to refresh the page for stock, get it in your cart, put your card details in and by the grit of your teeth just get hold of the last Anna doll. Which is better than Elsa who you blink and she’s all sold out. So perhaps I should keep Anna all to me?


Happy World Book Day! This was actually a post because whilst taking my Gruffalo boy to school I saw 8 girls dressed as Elsa and not a single Anna. I did see an adorable Dorothy from Wizard of Oz with the cutest ruby slippers ever so had to give her outfit (and her Toto!) a shout out. High five, girl!

What outfit did your child dress as for World Book Day? What’s your favourite book? And naturally… Elsa v Anna which is your favourite Arendelle Princess? Thanks for reading!