Interview with YouTuber TycerX

Today I get a lovely interview with TycerX, a Gaming YouTuber who will be at Minevention on 12th September. As well as Minecraft videos he also plays Steam games and recently hit 70,000 subscribers. Read on to get to know more!

You are the owner of Area 32, a charity fundraising Minecraft series. What made you start it up in the first place?
Good question! I started up the series Area32 after the success of Area31. Me and my friend Myles  had previously been part of a Minecraft War based livestream where a group of us YouTubers streamed for 2 hours starting from nothing to having full nukes and weaponry!! Me and Myles wanted to convert this format into a video series that had a charity aspect, hence we ended up at Area31 and 32! However it wouldn’t of got to where it is now without the support of everyone on the series!


You play modded Minecraft, what has been your favourite mod so far and are there any mods you’d recommend players wishing to dip into modded Minecraft?
Ooo gosh, that’s a tricky question. I have used a lot of mods, however the one I’ve dabbled in the most is Mekanism. It’s pretty easy to get into and allows you to do alot of awesome things in the game, flying, underwater breathing and more!

How long have you been gaming for and what was your first video game?
I have been gaming since I was 13! My first video game was Pokemon Sapphire. I was out with my dad who was getting some things from B&Q, I was very bored and started looking around and found Pokemon Sapphire lodged under a piece of wood on the floor :P. I didn’t own a gameboy, however a few weeks later I got access to one and that’s where it all started :O


Are there any YouTubers that you look up to or have helped you in some way?
I’m grateful to everyone I’ve had the chance to meet and work with on youtube, on and off camera. There is alot of things that people don’t see off camera that goes on to keep youtube channels running! I started youtube after I discovered the Yogscast and their series ‘Shadow of Israphel‘ a well worth series I do recommend!

Finally… Minevention is coming soon! Tell the readers why you think they should come to the event and is there anyone you hope to meet?
Come! Just do it, as Shia would say! But in all seriousness, if you’re a fan of any YouTubers there you should come along! It’s going to be an awesome day with lots of exciting panels!
I’m personally excited to meet everyone there, both friends and fans! I’ve yet to meet Jimmy-Solidarity Gaming in person, Myles and more.  It’s going to be epic having 5 members of the Area 32 team there! But overall meeting friends that I’ve made over the years!

Many thanks to TycerX for taking the time to answer some questions. Remember he and many other well known YouTubers will be at Minevention on 12th September.

YouTube Gaming

You’re probably thinking “but Mew, Gaming on YouTube has been around for YEARS!” and you’d be right. But this is a whole new part of YouTube. It’s… YouTube Gaming.

Okay maybe I’m not selling it well for you but here’s what my own channel now looks like on the YouTube Gaming website.



So you see on the right there’s lots of icons of various channels? Those are people currently live right now. That’s right. It’s but with the YouTube sticker on it. And I must say, it looks pretty impressive. And this could actually be a good contender for specially as the main issue I have with Twitch is lack of help for streaming to make an income.

On the left are trending games and also for you to find your favourite games and “star” them so you can easily check them whenever you’re on the website. Again very similar to in this case.

This is an app, this is the way many things will be going and so far I’m liking it. Do I honestly think this could beat Twitch down? You know that sound plumbers make that’s followed by “it’s gonna cost ya”? I’m kinda making that sound right now as to be honest… I’m unsure but at the same time think YouTube is already far bigger and better than Twitch and could well be the way forward for gaming and live streaming.

So will I live stream on here? Probably. I’ve got a lot happening right now (stay tuned for more videos and interviews!) as well as a ton of ideas popping into my head that I’ve yet to draft out anywhere other than in my brain. So yes I’ll give this platform a good try out and shall hope to see some of you there. If you wanna know when videos of mine come out or when I go live then click “subscribe” on my YouTube channel. Thanks!

Minevention Is Coming to Peterborough

If you’re a parent then chances are you have a child who loves Minecraft. Or perhaps you are just a gamer yourself and play the block-filled sandbox style game. Either way you’ll be excited to hear this news. Minevention, the unofficial Minecraft convention, is coming to the United Kingdom and will be at Peterborough Arena on 12th September!


Minevention has already ran several workshops over in Ireland this year and had an amazing turnout in Galway in December 2014, so now they have stepped over the waters to England and boy do they have some amazing YouTube guests coming this year! If you have a child who is a fan of NettyPlays, SnakeDoctor, AmyLee33 or AshDubh then they are going to love this event. But if not then what about…

Adam Clarke
Gizzy Gazza
Mousie Mouse
Netty Plays
Salems Lady
Tank Matt
Zoe the Pigeon

Phew, what a list of amazing YouTubers and some great content on their channels so do check them out, they are all family friendly and PG rated so good to watch with your kids too. So if you haven’t checked them out yourself as a parent I recommend it, you’ll soon be getting in to the world of Minecraft and be the coolest parent ever.


Minevention will be at Peterborough Arena on 12th September, VIP tickets have already sold out but don’t worry! You can still get your hands on general entry tickets so have no fear, you can still get in and have an awesome block-tastic day. Or maybe you were smart enough to already get your hands on some tickets and currently saying “but Mew I’m already going to this event!”. Awesome! I’ll be there too and hope to meet many like-minded Minecrafters and maybe even get some cool mummy points as I know my son will love to meet AshDubh. To give you an idea how much we love these YouTubers my son has been having trouble going to bed and finds the dark scary so yesterday we sat on his bed watching AshDubh and he laughed so hard that he forgot about his worries and fears and went to bed soundly.


Check out Minevention’s Website for latest updates, more information and how to get hold of some tickets. Also they’ll be holding a Guinness World Record Attempt so don’t forget your blue shirts, jeans and Steve heads!


Games I’m Currently Playing

So I’ve been quiet recently for a number of reasons. For one I’ve been playing games and the other because my PC keeps resetting mid-stream. But I thought I’d talk about the games I’ve been playing recently.

Cook, Serve, Delicious
I got this on the Steam Sale and been streaming it. I absolutely love it, so addictive and fun. You basically run a restaurant and over time you get better, buy better quality food, have a new restaurant and battle dirty dishes and health inspectors. I got this super cheap during the same but really full price is pretty good.


When am I not playing Minecraft? Recently lots of Build Battles which I’ve been posting up on my YouTube Channel but I want to try and start a proper show. I’ve been looking in to some mods and would love to start a world where one day I can perhaps invite fellow YouTubers or Streamers. We shall see!

Broken Age
I use to LOVE point and click games, anyone remember Day of the Tentacle? Sam and Max? Well Broken Age is basically those sort of games but with a beautiful art style. You get to play as two different characters and can switch between them. The puzzles can be hard but that’s what I loved about them. I’ve not played too much as seems this game murders our computer but hopefully after some repair work I’ll be able to play some more. Again this is a game I got on sale during Steam Sale.

broken ageDisney Infinity 2.0
When they announced 3.0 I decided to play it on the PC and stream 2.0 to celebrate. It’s the first time I’ve been able to play this game as my son always wants to play it so had fun doing the Avengers story mode. I hoep to do Spider Man as some point as well so watch this space! If you haven’t checked out the 3.0 coming soon I suggest you do, specially if you love Star Wars.

Got any other games you’d think I would enjoy? Feel free to comment below! I’m tempted to return to Heroes of the Storm as it’s been a long time. I miss Diablo, he must be lonely without me now.