Cloth Nappies on a Budget

If you’re looking to try out cloth nappies but don’t exactly have a huge amount of money to spend on the more higher end price tagged cloth nappies then this post is here  to help you find some great cloth nappies on a budget that suits you!

This one size pocket style nappy is gentle on baby’s bum as it is in your wallet. These nappies are great starter nappies as very simple to use and if you’re not fussy with using poppers (remember when they get older they will rip velcro tabs off all day long!) then this is perfect. You can also get hold of extra inserts to boost them for heavy wetters. I recommend this for day time use rather than night time.

Little Lamb Bamboo
These are great for night time and so you don’t need too many and thus won’t hurt the budget you have saved up for your future nappy stash. You can find a Night time Bundle with two bamboo little lambs and a one size wrap (means you don’t have to buy different sizes of wraps then, just bigger nappies to put inside) and bamboo is great for soaking up loads of liquid. If you have a mega wetter on your hands then don’t panic! You can easily buy extra inserts to boost these nappies to last longer.

You can’t go wrong with a simple prefold nappy and if you’re fearful of doing old style terry towel nappies then this is super budget friendly and super easy too. You need only a few wraps for these but with the prefold you just fold it into a rectangle shape, place into the bottom of the wrap (where baby’s bum and front parts will be) and you have yourself a nappy! Best of all these things are great for holding wee in for long periods of time and you may even find them useful even at night time.

If you have any questions feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to help you out. You can also use the website links I have given to find your local Nappy Guru who may be able to visit you or speak on the phone.

Disclosure: I am a Nappy Guru and all the links in this post are affiliated so if you buy using any of the links above I will get a small commission as earnings. I have tried and tested all these products, these are unbiased opinions as budget cloth nappies.

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