Cloth Nappies: Thank You For Listening, Tesco!



Rather a proud moment for me. A few months ago I made a petition to get stores like Tesco who sell cloth nappies to include them in their Baby Events and not just disposable nappies. After reaching 400+ signatures I suddenly got a phone call. Normally I don’t answer blocked numbers but had a few which were very important at the time so figured I should answer this call.

Man: Hello, is this Helen?
Me: Yes it is…
Man: Hello my name is Philip Clarke and I am the Chief Executive of Tesco.

Everything kind of went a bit surreal from this point as he spoke to me about my petition and how he wanted to email me some details that he believed would be a positive start for fellow cloth nappy users to hear about. He double checked he had the correct email address and I said that was right, feeling somewhat stupid that I had not setup a professional email address yet (I have now and you can grab me at now!) as he tried to pronounce a nickname I was given back when I was a teenager which I use for my GMail account.

The email stated that Tesco will now be placing cloth nappies in future Baby Events. I was stunned and over the moon by this. Of course this isn’t just my doing, this would not have happened if it weren’t for all the cloth bum mums and dads out there who signed my petition and helped prove to a large sueprmarket that we’re not just a small niche to be ignored and we are customers of theirs who are actually willing to buy the nappies from them but disagree with the fact they never include cloth in Baby Events and thus making us feel rather like outcasts. Thank you, all of you. Seriously I love you guys right now.

Boots have also stated they’ll be doing the same in future Baby Events. I hope this is true and cannot wait to see this happen. I haven’t actually spoken to Boots and my Boots is pretty small so haven’t seen anything happen as of yet but keep your eyes peeled!

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