Cloth Nappy Preparation for Baby

So I am 16 weeks pregnant now and have begun preparing my stash of cloth nappies for the arrival of our newborn baby. This is a bit of a new area for me as I didn’t get into cloth nappies until Petit Boy was 6 months old. But it hasn’t put me off doing it and I am determined that the moment my second baby is born he/she will be in cloth nappies from the very start. But what cloth nappies have I got so far stashed away? Here’s the list so far of the cloth nappy brands and types.

Terry cloth towels x6
Itti Bitti D’Lish SIO Small x5
Itti Bitti D’Lish AIO Small x1
Little Lamb Pocket Nappy Small x1
Little Lamb Microfibre Small x1
Close Parent Pop-in Bamboo x1
Hip Hip Baby Wonderoo x1
gNappies size small (and cotton inserts) x3
Blueberry Mini Deluxe x1
Little Lamb Wrap Size 1 x1
Pack of 5 Newborn nappy wraps (Tesco own brand)

That’s 20 nappies basically. I also have some Nappi Nippas as well so I don’t have to worry about safety pins for the terry cloth nappies. I do need more wraps but most of my nappies in this stash don’t need wraps so I’ve put those on the list to buy closer to the due date.

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