Disney Infinity 3.0 – Star Wars

It looks like Game Informer have lots of exclusive content about the next Disney Infinity game and so far what we know some of you are going to be joyful about as fans have been craving for this for months, perhaps years. Star Wars.

Finally we are seeing Star Wars join the Disney Infinity world. And that’s not all. Oh no if you look with care you can also see Iron Man’s Hulk Buster, Ultron and the beautiful and renowned Mulan. Also looks like possible Tron characters and an “original” Mickey Mouse (in his famous red pants) which is something I have wanted, or even a black and white version from the very first Mickey Mouse animations.  Very excited by this, however will I be buying this?


We have owned the past and present DI games and what have we thought? We loved the original but understood people wanted more structural content which they got in DI 2.0. However we felt the stories were short. We finished Avengers easily, Spider Man took a bit longer and to be honest due to the disappointment of these feeling so short we haven’t bothered buying Guardians of the Galaxy Play set, though we do own Rocket. We like that we can choose how the character levels, we didn’t like how you get 2 turns to reset these choices. It’s like they forgot “the possibilities are endless” by limiting what our characters can be. So whilst I’m hyped by the Star Wars and my Marvel fangirl inside me in squealing over Ultron the game truly has to give me content we can enjoy and not forget that kids want to play this, not just adult gamers.

Use your magic wisely, Disney. I’m watching this one closely!

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