Dry Nappy at Night?

With Petit Boy now using the potty properly we’ve returned to using cloth nappies in the night which I love very much and much cheaper than having to keep buying disposables just to be used once (maybe twice) a day as well as fill up our grey bin. Last night he went to bed with a green Little Lamb wrap, a prefold and a charcoal insert (I need to write a blog post about charcoal inserts as they are AMAZING). This morning I found the nappy in his bed, as usual because he always takes his nappy off when he wakes up to go have a wee-wee, and expected some wetness. It was dry. The insert was dry, the prefold was dry, the wrap was dry, the bed was dry. Has my son just had a dry nappy at night? Surely not…

Of course this could have been pure luck, but he always uses the potty before bed time and he always wakes up in the morning and has a wee in the potty. Could this be the end of his nappy lifetime? Has my 3 year old boy become a big boy? For now I’m going to keep using cloth nappies for a few more nights and each time check them before I move him on to wearing underwear in the night.

In the day time he’s amazing. We’ve finally mastered wearing underwear and thanks to my mother he is a proud owner and wearer of three pairs of Cars trunks. We had trouble finding boxers or trunks in his size as he hated the feel of briefs around his boy bits and to be honest I can actually understand. They never look like they are keeping him in and the elastic on the legs don’t seem right no matter what size I bought. Thankfully Asda and Marks & Spencer both sell trunks and boxers for 2-3 year olds. Tesco was always our local store but their pants started at around 4 years old and were HUGE on my slim boy (he’s not called Petit Boy for nothing!) but even with Cars themed briefs he hated them. No amount of funky briefs helped him as they simply were not comfortable to wear. But now he’s always asking to put them on and takes them off when he needs to use the potty.

Our main day time task is to get Petit Boy to understand that when he has trousers or shorts on over his underwear he still needs to take them off to have a wee. So far each time he just stands there and has a huge wee. I had such fun when he filled with wellies with wee as it dripped down his leg and into his boots. We’ll get their, hopefully in time for nursery! Right? Please say I’m right!

One thought on “Dry Nappy at Night?

  1. You’ll get there hon! Sounds like he’s doing wonderfully so far. 🙂
    Zack was just 3 when he was dry at nights. I didn’t push it, just noticed once he was dry during the day for a few weeks that his nappies were dry in the mornings, so it was a natural step to take them away! Zack’s always been a boxers boy too. 🙂
    Though I still have trouble with him cleaning his bum properly. Boys and skid marks. Eurgh!!

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