Games I’m Currently Playing

So I’ve been quiet recently for a number of reasons. For one I’ve been playing games and the other because my PC keeps resetting mid-stream. But I thought I’d talk about the games I’ve been playing recently.

Cook, Serve, Delicious
I got this on the Steam Sale and been streaming it. I absolutely love it, so addictive and fun. You basically run a restaurant and over time you get better, buy better quality food, have a new restaurant and battle dirty dishes and health inspectors. I got this super cheap during the same but really full price is pretty good.


When am I not playing Minecraft? Recently lots of Build Battles which I’ve been posting up on my YouTube Channel but I want to try and start a proper show. I’ve been looking in to some mods and would love to start a world where one day I can perhaps invite fellow YouTubers or Streamers. We shall see!

Broken Age
I use to LOVE point and click games, anyone remember Day of the Tentacle? Sam and Max? Well Broken Age is basically those sort of games but with a beautiful art style. You get to play as two different characters and can switch between them. The puzzles can be hard but that’s what I loved about them. I’ve not played too much as seems this game murders our computer but hopefully after some repair work I’ll be able to play some more. Again this is a game I got on sale during Steam Sale.

broken ageDisney Infinity 2.0
When they announced 3.0 I decided to play it on the PC and stream 2.0 to celebrate. It’s the first time I’ve been able to play this game as my son always wants to play it so had fun doing the Avengers story mode. I hoep to do Spider Man as some point as well so watch this space! If you haven’t checked out the 3.0 coming soon I suggest you do, specially if you love Star Wars.

Got any other games you’d think I would enjoy? Feel free to comment below! I’m tempted to return to Heroes of the Storm as it’s been a long time. I miss Diablo, he must be lonely without me now.


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