He Starts School But Why Can’t I Let Go?

I guess this is normal for parents, specially when it is the very first time their child goes to school. When nursery ended I was so happy, spending time with my first born and buying bits for his uniform I found myself even more excited by the whole idea. But yesterday I felt different and today I cried.

I found myself worrying about silly things. Will he eat his lunch? Will he make friends? What if we can't afford enough bits for his uniform? Why won't he use a knife and fork and what if all the other kids can but he can't? Yesterday many bloggers tweeted me and put my mind at ease, but today I said it to my fiancé and I found myself crying.

He is my baby boy, my first born and everything we do with him will be brand new to us. This is the first time we have a child of ours going into school. The next time we go through the system it will be with Petit Girl, our second born. I probably won't get all these fears and concerns with her first day like I am with Petit Boy's and for most of the part that will be always the way (minus the girl/boy differences when they get to that stage).

Just 2 weeks until I have to let him go.

Just 2 weeks until he puts on a uniform for the first time.

Just 2 weeks until we drop him off at school.

Just 2 weeks until my little boy does his first 6 hours from his family.

Just 2 weeks…


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