Interview with Eve from Baba+Boo

I’ve been lucky to have tested out Baba+boo nappies from the early years and even got to chat with Eve a few times, love our little talks over Twitter but also I love her business model of cloth nappies without the big price tag. I asked Eve some questions about starting up her own business as well as some advice for those looking into using cloth nappies. Enjoy!


What made you start up your own cloth nappy business?
I got hooked on them, obviously, like many mums do. I was a buyer before I had children and I thought I would try and design some that were more affordable. The ones on the market at the time were quite expensive and I thought the outlay was putting mums off.

What was the hardest part of setting up your own cloth nappy brand?
It was probably having the confidence to invest our savings into it. Once I had done that, confidence grew as mums were loving Baba+Boo nappies.

Before Baba+Boo was born what cloth nappies did you use and what did you like/dislike about them?
A friend gave me some Tots Bots and Bumgenius nappies which I did like. I loved using them as I despised filling me bin with disposables.

You’ve won several awards over the years. Is there a certain award that you are super proud of?
There are two. One of those most recently, gold from Prima Baby for Best Reusable Nappy. Winning a gold has been one of our aims for a while, so it was fab to finally get it. Second, probably the most important one, was coming runner-up in the Salford Business Awards for Entrepreneur of the Year. I had just phoned Chelle from Social Sparkle, who has become a good friend but we worked together on Baba+Boo’s social media. I told her I was packing in as I couldn’t look after two very small children and run a business at the same time. I was so low. Then 5 minutes later, I got a call from the organisers to say I had been shortlisted for this award. I couldn’t believe it and there was no way I could have packed it in then! Being in that room and hearing my name made it all feel real and I felt I was doing well and made it all worthwhile. If it wasn’t for that award, I doubt Baba+Boo would be here today.


I know it’s hard to choose but what is your favourite Baba+Boo print so far?
Has to be our campervans nappy. We took a huge punt on that print. It is not your usual print that you see on nappies. It went down a storm and was our best-selling nappy of all time. It is coming back soon too! We love designing our prints, we spend so much time trying to make them unique and fashionable. We have some more fun ones coming in a month or two.

You’ve had lots of great moments but what was your biggest low as a mum of a cloth nappy business?
Probably as I mentioned before when I was about to pack in. Other than that moment, there were a lot of low moments in the first few years. Doubt, lack of confidence and time are all the hard part of running a business alongside looking after small children.

Finally what would your best bit of advice be for those thinking about using cloth nappies?
It is not all or nothing. Start off using them around the house to build your confidence up and get used to them. Then add to you stash as you go along. They are fun and fit into your life, not the other way around. Sue, who is our resident nappy addict, always says tongue in cheek ‘you wouldn’t wear paper knickers, so why put them on your baby’. Always makes me laugh when I hear her saying that to mums!

For a chance to win your very own Baba+boo cloth nappy of your choice click here. Good luck and have a fluffy filled week!

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