Interview with SnakeDoctor

I watch a lot of YouTube, infact I have to admit we’ve not used out TV for anything apart from YouTube or Netflix for nearly a year now, and one of the channels I follow is SnakeDoctor. I decided to take a deep breath and send him an email asking if he would be up for an interview. Amazingly he was more than happy to do this! So here’s our little interview.


What got you in to YouTube in the first place? Did you ever imagine having so many subscribers and your own merchandise?
I first got into YouTube when I was watching other content creators like the Yogscast, InTheLittlewood and CaptainSparklez. I was sitting there thinking that I would like to try it for myself but never for one second did I think I would be able to reach so many people with my videos. With regards to my merchandise, as a graphic designer by trade, designing logos and imagery has always been something I’ve done for others, so making my own “brand” was a wonderful experience and seeing the kids wearing my merchandise at conventions is an amazing feeling!

How long have you been gaming for?
My first computer was a Dragon 32 many years ago (too many to count). I think I was around 10 years old… So I’ve been gaming for at least 11 years ­čśë

I’ve been enjoying Area 32 on your channel. Can you perhaps tell the readers a little bit about the series and the charity Special Effect?
The basis of the series is that myself and several other YouTubers have been dropped into the world and we have to make alliances and build defences against the hostile mobs and players in the world with us. Most importantly however, is that the entire series was created to be able to give money to the chosen charity, Special Effect, who are a wonderful organisation that make bespoke gaming systems for disabled gamers. As an example, I saw a car racing game demonstrated at an event in London that was controlled solely by the players eyes. This dedication to creating custom control systems gives all gamers, disabled or not, the chance to play together, which is a fantastic thing. So far we have raised over £1500 for them and I hope that total will be much higher by the time the series comes to an end.

Apart from Minecraft what other games do you love to play?
I enjoy playing sports games such as FIFA in my spare time but as I spend so much of my day designing, recording and editing, I try to get away from the screen whenever I can.


You’ve recently been part of Minevention Workshops over in Ireland and also Peterborough in September. What has it been like meeting fans and being such a big part of the Minecraft Community?
It’s what it’s all about for me. Meeting the fans that watch your videos is such a fantastic thing. The feeling when a child comes up to you and says how much they enjoy what you do is almost indescribable… I wouldn’t swap this job for the world. I feel very lucky.

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SnakeDoctor has his very own merchandise which you can find our on┬áthe Maker’s Shop. You can also play on SnakeDoctor’s Community Server. The IP is┬á so why not check it out! And of course his YouTube┬áchannel for all his brilliant content.

Thanks very much to SnakeDoctor for answering questions and good luck on Area 32!

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