Is My Son a “Nerd”?

So a few days ago my son went to a local park and met some older boys. Not much older, they were between 7-11 years old. Well they seemed nice enough and he told them how he plays Minecraft and Destiny and how he’s level 32. One boy says “are ya a nerd?” giggling to his mate then saying “go on, say you’re a nerd!”.

Is my son a nerd for liking video games in the modern age where it’s socially accepted that kids play games and don’t feel they have to hide this hobby from everyone in fear of being bullied?

Is my son a nerd because he is quite bright even though these lads probably know how to multiply and my son has only mastered halves and quarters?

Is my son a nerd because he needs glasses to fix is lazy eye which is not his fault and will probably end up requiring surgery?

Neither seems like a fair reason to call a 5 year old a “nerd”. Or perhaps I should be proud.

He likes video games and plays with his mummy and daddy, if that makes him a nerd then good on him.

He is a clever young boy and doing well in his class and even amazed his teacher at school, if that makes him a nerd then good on him.

He wears glasses like a large portion of children these days do for various reasons and doesn’t refuse to wear them, if that makes him a nerd then good on him.

If he’s a nerd for any of those reasons then I am proud of him for being a nerd. After all, why should the word “nerd” be considered a bad thing?



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