For Matilda Mae and Lullaby Trust – My Buggy Walk

Last year I did a buggy walk with my very tiny baby girl and I’m going to do it again this year and again in memory of Matilda Mae and to raise money for Lullaby Trust.

Did you know around 300 babies in the UK die to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Did you know we don’t know exactly why it happens and only know ways that reduce the risk? Did you know Lullaby Trust are trying to halve the amount of babies that die to SIDS in the UK by 2020?

The thing is they can’t do that without charitable donations. They need money to fund their cause, help families who are bereaved, get information out there so people know how to reduce the risks of Cot Death, be able to train staff at A&E to support families who have lost a baby and many other things. All of these cannot be possible without the help of others willing to just pop even something as little as £2 to their charity.

If 5 people donated £1 that will pay for information packs to be given to young parents.

If 7 people donated just £2 that is enough to provide 1 hour of bereavement support from a trained advisor.

If 22 people donated £5 that will be enough to train someone on an A&E ward to help support a family who have just lost their baby to SIDS.

And if you aren’t able to donate please can you share this blog post with your friends, on your blog, on social media, anywhere you can. No family should find their baby dead, and in a first world country like ours we shouldn’t be seeing so many babies passing away in their sleep, many never get to see their 1st birthday.


On 13th September I’ll be walking 5 miles at the Walsall Arboretum. Whilst I am there I will be podcasting, bringing awareness of Lullaby Trust, about SIDS and how you can both reduce the risks and donate to help families who have lost.

Families like Jennie’s.

Families who need support.

Please give what you can. Thank You.

(I’d like to thank Helen Braid for making my badge, she has done some lovely illustrations and if you’re looking for a unique blog design she’s super talented)

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