Mental Well-being During Isolation

Your mental well-being is going to be put to the test and something you need to check on often. I suffer from depression as well as anxiety. I know that I am struggling more right now. However it’s not just me that’s taking this isolation thing hard. My 6 year-old daughter isn’t dealing with this at all.

My daughter loves to talk, she’s a social butterfly and knows every child in her whole primary school. When we leave school she says hello and goodbye to every single child, no matter which class they are in. She barely takes a moment to breathe, as she talks so much and fast. We would laugh at how much she talks when back in nursery they were giving her extra help as she was behind on her speaking.

Now she’s talking a lot less. Her laughter is almost completely missing. Instead it’s replaced with tears and anger. She’s getting up later and later, which I recently found out it’s because she isn’t going to sleep until midnight. Now I sit by her bed, just to comfort her as she drifts off. But even then, it’s a slow process. It tires me out as much as it’s affecting her.

I stopped doing educational things with her. Her mental health is far more important to me. And I felt I needed to contact her teacher. To which I got a phone call from school and they agreed. Not to worry about her education, just focus on her. I held back tears on the phone. Because I was so glad they said exactly the same as I was doing. I knew we could work together and help her.

Since then she has had  voice call with her best friend. And my goodness! She was back to her non-stop chatting self. She was smiling, talking, laughing, it was amazing. And after the phone call she did something she hadn’t done in ages.

She asked me if she could do some crafting.

Everything had been forced or came with lot of tears and moaning to the point I knew it wasn’t going to be any good for her. This was the first time since Day 3 she actually wanted to do anything at all. I had just gotten a Disney Frozen magazine which just so happened to have a  “make your own tiara” craft set.

I sat with her. Watched her create her own tiara. We talked to each other. Had tea together. Yes my daughter loves tea. She’s just like me after all. I just couldn’t stop smiling. Here was my girl again.

I knew this was not the cure. Because that’s not how it works. Let’s face it, if I could cure my mental illness by going to one therapy session I’d have done that by now. She’s not out of the woods, but she’s getting there.

Last night I had to sit by her bed again. I was there until midnight. No amount of reasoning or reading books to her was helping. I just wanted to help her. But I wonder… am I hindering her by doing this at bed time?

Also as I have been writing this, she just asked to log on to her email account with school. She then did not one… but TWO Maths games on there. No pestering was needed. She asked without my intervention and did it with me by her side.

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