Minevention Is Coming to Peterborough

If you’re a parent then chances are you have a child who loves Minecraft. Or perhaps you are just a gamer yourself and play the block-filled sandbox style game. Either way you’ll be excited to hear this news. Minevention, the unofficial Minecraft convention, is coming to the United Kingdom and will be at Peterborough Arena on 12th September!


Minevention has already ran several workshops over in Ireland this year and had an amazing turnout in Galway in December 2014, so now they have stepped over the waters to England and boy do they have some amazing YouTube guests coming this year! If you have a child who is a fan of NettyPlays, SnakeDoctor, AmyLee33 or AshDubh then they are going to love this event. But if not then what about…

Adam Clarke
Gizzy Gazza
Mousie Mouse
Netty Plays
Salems Lady
Tank Matt
Zoe the Pigeon

Phew, what a list of amazing YouTubers and some great content on their channels so do check them out, they are all family friendly and PG rated so good to watch with your kids too. So if you haven’t checked them out yourself as a parent I recommend it, you’ll soon be getting in to the world of Minecraft and be the coolest parent ever.


Minevention will be at Peterborough Arena on 12th September, VIP tickets have already sold out but don’t worry! You can still get your hands on general entry tickets so have no fear, you can still get in and have an awesome block-tastic day. Or maybe you were smart enough to already get your hands on some tickets and currently saying “but Mew I’m already going to this event!”. Awesome! I’ll be there too and hope to meet many like-minded Minecrafters and maybe even get some cool mummy points as I know my son will love to meet AshDubh. To give you an idea how much we love these YouTubers my son has been having trouble going to bed and finds the dark scary so yesterday we sat on his bed watching AshDubh and he laughed so hard that he forgot about his worries and fears and went to bed soundly.


Check out Minevention’s Website for latest updates, more information and how to get hold of some tickets. Also they’ll be holding a Guinness World Record Attempt so don’t forget your blue shirts, jeans and Steve heads!


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