Moving House with a Toddler

Well today we get the keys to our house, our very first family home where we hope to live for many years to come. Last time we moved I was pregnant but still fairly early stages and barely showing. This time not only am I further in a pregnancy than before but we also have an under 5 in tow.

Packing hasn’t been too tricky with a toddler roaming a round. Petit Boy knows scissors are for mummy and dads only and whenever he sees us use them he tells us “scissors are sharp!” and won’t ever touch then. However he has found packing tape to be interesting by thinking it makes a good road for his toy cars.

Boxing up toys hasn’t been simple. At the moment he only cares about his cars so he has his road rug from Ikea in the living room and all his toy cars. However the moment we pack toys he hasn’t used in ages they suddenly become interesting and thus removed from the boxes to be played with. He has so far put them back when he is done with them but there’s a period where you cannot move due to boxes, cars and random toys. Oh and a naked toddler. We’ll blog about the naked story another time.

We are fortunate that my parents have offered to have Petit Boy for a week to give us a chance to move in fully to the house and get things settled ready for him to come back to. Hopefully we do get lots done during that week.

We shall also have Virgin Media over on Good Friday to install our TV, broadband and phone line. I can’t wait to be rid of BT who are a waste of space. Be nice to return to using cable instead of ADSL.

Shall update again after we get the keys and begin photographing as we move from A to B.

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