Newborns and Cloth Nappies – First Accident


Born on the Monday and today it is Saturday so we did pretty well to last this long without a leak, but last night we had a wee accident. But we realise the reason was due to us poorly putting the nappy on at insanely-too-early-o-clock.

Newborn babies don’t have full control on their muscles and sometimes randomly wriggle. For us Petit Girl goes kicking crazy the second we start un-popping her clothes, it’s like she knows we’re about to endure her with part of her warm skin exposed to the outdoors even though only takes a minute. But the leg wriggling does make getting a snug fit around the legs tricky.

Another issue is the cord. A fair few specially made for newborn nappies will allow you to lower the front of the cloth nappy but some don’t. For us that troublesome nappy is BumGenius Newborn. It’s an easy-to-use nappy with no stuffing required at all and dries fairly quickly, but the rise is high making it only good once the cord is off. I’ve tried turning the front slightly but it doesn’t seem keen to do that. A design flaw if you ask me.

I do however recommend the Easy Dry Bambooty and the gNappies gTiny. Bambooty’s sized nappy fits a small baby even just 6lbs and you can lower the rise on the front of the small nappy as well. The gTiny also has poppers to lower the rise. The different with the gNappies is the velcro at the back not the front but that doesn’t make it harder to use. The bonus with these is their waterproof pouch means you take the used insert out, wipe down the pouch and place a clean dry insert in. The downside? Sadly you can no longer buy gTiny nappies as singles only in a bundle which I don’t think is worth it unless you really want to go gnappies full time and no other brand. We have 3 pre-loved (second hand) gTiny nappies and find these last us most of the day and sometimes all day if no poo or wee has gotten onto the nappy.

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