Newborns and Cloth Nappies – What to Expect


I was warned about the newborn poo not being kind to cloth nappies but I wanted to use them from day one so bought a few newborns cloth nappies which included:

3 gTiny nappies (gNappies)
3 Bumgenius newborn (BumGenius)
1 Blueberry Mini Deluxe (Blueberry)
1 Teenyfit (Tots Bots)
1 Easy Dry AIO  (Bambooty)

The rest were small sizes or one size nappies which I knew she’d grow in to soon enough.

So how has it been so far? Amazing. No really, I am very shocked how I have had no explosions, no clothes harmed by dripping poo, no stains from newborn poo and no problems washing them either. Infact they are far better and easier than disposable newborn nappies by a long shot. For starters I don’t worry about nappy rash and thus sudocream and other creams are a thin of the past. Another bonus is no leaks! With disposables very quickly they sag from the liquid touching the crystals and turning to a gel and making them heavy and leave a gap between the leg and the nappy. Cloth nappies don’t do that at all and so have never ended up with dribbling poo down the leg. As long as I make sure the cloth nappy is on properly with no hole between the elastic and the leg then all is fine.

So what about times per change. I’ve been changing Petit Girl every 4 hours which is recommended whether you use cloth or disposable. Again no issues, often still room for another wee and no signs of the wee or poo coming out from the nappy and on to the clothing.

Next I will talk in detail of each cloth nappy brand that I own that fit newborn and small babies.

3 thoughts on “Newborns and Cloth Nappies – What to Expect

  1. I’ve also recently started using cloth from birth for my second son and am equally impressed. I didn’t start with my first until 3 months so wasn’t sure how it would go but am absolutely loving it and am so glad I started from birth. My son is now 5 weeks old and we haven’t had a single poo leakage, I know with my first I’d already had plenty by now, normally up the back – yuk!

    • no problems at all. We had a huge meconium in the Bambooty which scared me. I put it in a 60 wash and it came out looking like it never been used!

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