Nintendo and the Lack of Stock

I like to think this could become a movie or something as Nintendo seem to do this on such a regular basis it could become as big as the Harry Potter series. For you see every single time Nintendo release a console or video game they fail to prepare a decent amount of stock for the consumers. It’s been going on for so long now I cannot remember when it first began.

To give a more recent example let us look at the Nintendo Classic Mini. It was obvious from the start that people would be desperate to get their hands on this. They had seen other companies (such as SEGA) do well in reselling their old console with built in games and they certainly know there’s people out there with a high level of nostalgia (they need to only look at the virtual console game sales to give them an idea) to have known how much we would want this miniature NES. People had put in pre-orders back in July/August time and the console only came out on 11th November (also… did Nintendo really pick 11th November for a release day? Seriously?)  yet some people are still waiting for their pre-orders.


No stores have the consoles for sale, no one even has the controllers which can be used with the Wii U making the virtual console even more enjoyable, but no they couldn’t be bothered to make enough controllers either. Why, Nintendo? Why!

This is common for Nintendo to the point I will even say “they pulled a Nintendo” whenever this happens. Heck lets look at Amiibos, they sold out stupid fast and Nintendo said they didn’t think they would be so popular. What? You thought gamers would not want to collect bits of cute plastic of their favourite characters to be used in some of your video games? Are you for real, Nintendo? Because of this we would see some Amiibos sell on eBay and Amazon for nearly £100 each. I wanted Rosalina so badly but not enough to pay triple figures for her. She’s cute and gives me a nice outfit in Mario Kart 8 but not worth filling the wallet of some douche.

Perhaps Nintendo need to fire their PR and Marketing team for doing a very good job, because had they not bothered perhaps they’d not have sold out so quickly and had some stock left for Christmas. Or perhaps Nintendo need to sort themselves out and buckle up on creating enough stock in the first place.

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