One Week Til School

One week til my first born wears his uniform, his jacket and walks with me to the school gate for the first time.

One week til I watch him go in to his classroom and stay there for his first full day away from me and his family.

One week til I pick him up after school and hear about his first day, what he did, what he learned, who he met, how he feels.

One week til I have to let him go.


There are moments where I am excited, thrilled and happy for my boy to go to school to learn and make friends. But there's many times I am scared. Not knowing if he is going to be okay, if he will be taught what he needs to know, what if I am sending him off to the wrong place?

You see the school is an academy. Yes one of those new fangaled things, long story. Anyway it didn't have an OfSted until after he got his place. It was bad. Not just bad but special measures bad. Children not being taught basics in the first 3 years, GCSE results were bad and buildings were falling apart. I felt sick, what have I done.

The thing is this is all we have. Any other schools near us are SEN and the only other primary school is Church of England, but even if we did decide on a regilous school (which we were very sure we didn't want) at some point he would need to go to a secondary school and that is still the academy or nothing.

I'm trying to be positive. I mean it could get better, right? But something in my mind doesn't believe that and I have failed for my children's education.

But in the mean time it have plans to keep me positive. Grace from Eats Amazing as been doing Alphabet Lunches for her eldest child and it has inspired me to do the same. So for 26 weeks of the school term I will be making Petit Boy an alphabet themed lunch. Hoping it will help me enjoy a new hobby, bring out my creativity and help me enjoy this first year. Wish me luck!


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