Nintendo and the Lack of Stock

I like to think this could become a movie or something as Nintendo seem to do this on such a regular basis it could become as big as the Harry Potter series. For you see every single time Nintendo release a console or video game they fail to prepare a decent amount of stock for the consumers. It’s been going on for so long now I cannot remember when it first began.

To give a more recent example let us look at the Nintendo Classic Mini. It was obvious from the start that people would be desperate to get their hands on this. They had seen other companies (such as SEGA) do well in reselling their old console with built in games and they certainly know there’s people out there with a high level of nostalgia (they need to only look at the virtual console game sales to give them an idea) to have known how much we would want this miniature NES. People had put in pre-orders back in July/August time and the console only came out on 11th November (also… did Nintendo really pick 11th November for a release day? Seriously?)  yet some people are still waiting for their pre-orders.


No stores have the consoles for sale, no one even has the controllers which can be used with the Wii U making the virtual console even more enjoyable, but no they couldn’t be bothered to make enough controllers either. Why, Nintendo? Why!

This is common for Nintendo to the point I will even say “they pulled a Nintendo” whenever this happens. Heck lets look at Amiibos, they sold out stupid fast and Nintendo said they didn’t think they would be so popular. What? You thought gamers would not want to collect bits of cute plastic of their favourite characters to be used in some of your video games? Are you for real, Nintendo? Because of this we would see some Amiibos sell on eBay and Amazon for nearly £100 each. I wanted Rosalina so badly but not enough to pay triple figures for her. She’s cute and gives me a nice outfit in Mario Kart 8 but not worth filling the wallet of some douche.

Perhaps Nintendo need to fire their PR and Marketing team for doing a very good job, because had they not bothered perhaps they’d not have sold out so quickly and had some stock left for Christmas. Or perhaps Nintendo need to sort themselves out and buckle up on creating enough stock in the first place.

Insomnia 59 – Will You Be There?

Insomnia Gaming Festival has become a stamp in my gaming diet. I went to i56, I was booked to go to i57 however fell very ill and went to most recent i58. I’m already booked for i59 and honestly I’m super hyped! With it being close to Christmas I can foresee some excellent games being shown to push for Christmas. Oh and let’s not forget my favourite area…


But seriously the last one was bigger and better then ever before. I watched a lot of stage stuff, had fun meeting some of the YouTubers, entered loads of competitions, got to once again meet Special Effect charity, drooled over so many retro games and got myself some Insomnia clothing. Because you cannot got there without getting at least a t-shirt! There was also a HUGE area for Twitch where many streamers were live streaming at the event and then there was League of Legends. Now if you’re a LoL fan then my god why haven’t you been to Insomnia yet?! Get your wallet out, buy those tickets and enjoy some amazing championships. You’ll not regret it.

So will you be there? If you want a little idea of what to expect I did a video at i56 to show what it’s like. Honestly there is way more to it and I only show off some of the exciting and cool bits. You can buy tickets online at Insomnia Gaming Festival’s website if you haven’t already, it’s over at the NEC where there’s hotels all around but you can always consider the indoor camping option if you prefer. Hope to see you there!

Nintendo Switch – Switching Up Game Play?

It’s been a while since Nintendo released information and a video showing off the Nintendo Switch console. I’ve not written anything yet mostly for two simple reasons. One being I’ve been busy, sorry! The second reason being I wanted to see if any more information would come out and ponder my thoughts a bit more once the hype starts to settle.


Now first impressions were “thank goodness the name isn’t dumb!”. Not that long ago I bought a Wii U even though the advertising and promoting of the console were pretty much non-existent here in the UK and we owned an Xbox One where the graphics were just way better and most games could get either on PC or Xbox, however I had watched people on Twitch play Mario Kart 8 and I thought “holy cow this game looks pretty and fun” and realised I actually didn’t like the Wii U because… it has a dumb name. Seriously are you ever going to tell people you own a Wii U? Probably not. The name “Switch” suits what the console does but also doesn’t sound silly. So I’d like to thank Nintendo for not calling it Wii Too or something just as dumb. Not long after buying the Wii U Splatoon came out and oh my god I fell in love. So within a few weeks I was converted, I still love my PC and Xbox One but the Wii U is just as enjoyable and it’s a shame it hasn’t done well sales wise.

The Nintendo Switch video was so much fun to watch. They had the right music and didn’t do anything silly (anyone remember the Wii advert with the Japanese men in a Smart car come over and say in very broken English “Wii would like to play” – CRINGE!) and made gaming with friends look cool, it made having a Nintendo console look cool again! Remember the days with the NES finding out your friend owned the zapper? That was epic! Nothing is cool about going to your friends’ house to play a game of bowling and accidentally smashing their TV. This console looks cool, looks fun and doesn’t restrict you to being inside the house of the console owner. They are promoting it in way that you and your homies (can you tell how street I am?) can go off playing basketball for the day and then afterwards chill out and play on the Nintendo Switch at the park bench. Does that sound cool to you? It does to me. Although I’m too short for basketball so I’ll probably just sit in a Costa coffee as my hobby instead.


The thing that interested me about this was the gameplay shown was all Wii U games, but some of them had some changes or twists to them to showcase something new. They showed off Mario Kart 8 but one of the players was a Boo ghost which isn’t a playable character in Mario Kart 8. I’ve not really seen anyone pick up on this but it instantly caught my attention. Were we going to see another DLC for Mario Kart 8? Or was this signs of a new Mario Kart game to come in the future? We’ll have to wait and see! The other big thing people went crazy over was Splatoon. Now this game came out not that long ago and has done pretty well for Nintendo as something different and uses the Gamepad rather well. But in the Nintendo Switch video you notice the Inkling kids have various hair styles and look like they can be more customised. People on Nintendo’s Miiverse have been going insane for “Splatoon 2” but honest I think it’s more likely a DLC that I really hope doesn’t cost extra, but you never know with Nintendo. I can easily see a hair salon opening in the city for Inklings to go to and change their look.

My concerns were originally that the release date for this console was due when the new Wii U Zelda game was going to be out, March 2017. I was already feeling the disappointment and frustration of the lack of a Zelda game on the Wii U (I’m not a Zelda fangirl but I did enjoy Wind Waker and have a desire to catch up on some of the more recent 3DS games – give me time I’m sure I’ll do this!) so I was worried and rather confused. It also made me believe the Switch wouldn’t come out in March and would end up coming out much later in the year. However Nintendo have since said this console isn’t to take over the Wii U. That bit of news from them was very interesting to hear. If this console isn’t the next generation console then this really is something new and unique. A console that is also a handheld. And that also gives a more confirmation that it’ll play Wii U games, just give you the power to play outside.

Another concern is battery life. I cannot see this thing lasting for more then 2 hours, maybe less. What then? Will people be able to charge it back up with a power bank or from their car? In the video we see some young lads playing the Switch whilst in a campervan (Nintendo really are trying to give us a nostalgia boner this year) so I did wonder if could keep the battery going a bit longer with some sort of car charger adaptor. We’ll have to wait and see I guess!

But also let’s not overlook something big here. We see a ton of games that haven’t been on Nintendo’s consoles actually show they are backing this Nintendo Switch with what looks like Skyrim showing up on the video. I’ll be really happy if we start seeing a more mixture of games on a Nintendo platform, not just Mario and his buddies.

If you haven’t seen the video then I’ll link it below. But if you have seen it please comment below saying what you think of the Switch so far. Excited? Not bothered? Love to hear your thoughts!

My Baby Loss Has No Meaning

This week has been Baby Loss Awareness Week. To me I have always felt I have a child missing and that will stay with me for a very long time, probably until I die. I went on the Baby Loss Awareness website thinking perhaps I could find a charity or a group to speak to to maybe help me through the trauma I’ve just been forced to live with and pretend it’ll be alright and that I’ll get over it.

I looked. I looked over and over and none of them. Not a single charity or group on that list helped women who went through an abortion.

You see women who go through abortions are shunned even in 21st century as sick and disgusting women who stole someone’s life. We are evil. I have been told that I work for Satan, have been called a monster and even told I am the spawn of Satan. I wish I was kidding. I remember one blogger being awful saying it was my fault what happened to me even after I told them the horrid story of how I ended up pregnant. Apparently I should have simply kept my legs shut. Silly me. I’ll remember that next time I’m in an abusive relationship.

For those who think abortion is a simple thing to do let me explain how it is done here in the UK. People think you just wander in, ask for one and boom you get it, no questions asked.


You’ll have doctors speak to you and do everything they can to put you off the idea, ask about any mental health issues you have, really push you to consider adoption (and I mean REALLY push this) as well as your own health, relationship with the father of the child and medical history. I felt like I was on trial. I was 17 years old and was shaking, trying to act like a mature adult when really I was just a teenager with no concept on the real world yet. I was mentally unwell, physically not doing great and had been in an abusive relationship which resulted in my first pregnancy. I felt like I was in deep water and could barely keep my head up.

I won’t go in to detail on what happens but the whole thing is awful. And once it is over you sign some papers (I did this moments after it happened, no time to get over what happened just now as got to free up the bed) and told how I won’t get another chance in the future for an abortion unless was for medical reasons (ie baby’s life or my life was at risk). So yeah you basically got one go. you can’t keep going in expecting freebies any time you want. It’s not like that in the UK, trust me. I hate it when people think it is because that’s untrue. A lot of serious stuff happens and they are pretty darn strict on it all.

So I came out filled with trauma aged just 17 and bound to silence. I spoke about it because I wanted people to understand but I had no idea people were so against it, even if the reasons were rape or lives were at risk. People were saying abortion was wrong no matter what the reasoning. So I was forced in to silence.

I’m now 30 years old and I still cry. I’m crying right now as I write this. My first child should be 13 years old this year. My first born would be a teenager. What a milestone that should have been. But I’m not allowed to feel for my loss. I’m not allowed pity and I’m not allowed to speak publicly about it because it was an abortion.

I truly feel for every woman whose had a miscarriage, stillborn, lost a baby to SIDS, to GBS (something that could have taken my daughter from me but thankfully didn’t), to all the women who’ve ever lost a child of any age to anything. I feel for you all.

But I also feel for those who’ve suffered in silence because of the A word. None of them should feel ashamed or given hate for it. They still have feelings and emotions.