Home Educating – Day 1 of Isolation

So I’ve decided to bring my blog back to life, specially now I’m home educating. A lot has happened in my little world. In 2016 I became a single parent. In 2018 my new boyfriend moved in with me. In 2019 my landlord sold the house and left us with no where to live (thankfully we found somewhere, but it’s by no means perfect). 2020… well!

It was going to be a big year for my son who will be turning 10 years old right smack bang in middle of Easter. My daughter would be taking her Year 2 SATs, nothing major but she was on track and doing well. My son and I both joined cheer-leading teams and were preparing for our first big competition in Blackpool end of May. Kids both joined gymnastics and my girl was loving Ballroom classes. Sure Universal Credit was still making life bloody hell for us, but I made sure my kids had everything and survived on a tight budget. Then… shit hit the fan!

My partner is disabled. Just a note, I call him my partner because “boyfriend” feels weird to me, as if we’re still teenagers at school going “wanna be my girlfriend?”. Anyway he has a number of health issues as well as having a rare disease. Because of this he is high risk, so for his safety we are told to isolate as best as we can. Tough when the rest of the country is buying all the damn food and there’s no bloody food delivery slots until god knows when. But anyway… it’s our first full day in isolation with two children.


Today we have been pretty chill. It would have been gymnastics and ballroom classes, however the dance studio we go to is now closed. We instead did some French lessons. My daughter will be learning French when she goes to Y3. Not knowing the future of it all, figured may as well prepare her for learning the language. My son has been learning French for 2 years now. He’s in Y5 and will be in Y6 when (and if!) the schools return in September. For now, we focused on the colours of the rainbow, “Arc en Ciel” in French. My son pronounced the colours properly and got my youngest to say them back to us as they painted each part of the Arc en Ciel. Downside? I didn’t own an indigo or a violet paint. So I made it with what colours we did have!

Afterwards they were allowed to play Stardew Valley. Lot of questions on what animals eat, where milk comes from, what a silo is, and learning about how farmers are hard working members of our society who make sure we get the fresh food we need. Yes, felt rather important to discuss this considering we’re now got a list of “key workers” to continue running our country during this 12 week isolation period.

Lunch was eaten, tummies were settled, then it was big of Physical Education. My son and I both did our Cheer dance routine for Dance 1, a dance we both recently did for our very first Cheer Award not that long ago. It got the blood pumping and helped us feel good as well. My daughter did some ballroom, she wanted to do her Jive dance so she did that dance.

Later my daughter was feeling bit clingy. So I asked if she could read me a story. She read the first chapter of Princess and the Pea to me, before going upstairs for a nap. My son mostly been playing Minecraft and with his Lego. Minecraft is a great educational tool and you can get it on pretty much any platform these days. We have it on Xbox One, Tablets, PC and Switch. Can’t get away from it now!

And that’s about it for us! Supplies food and drink wise are so-so. Friends have been helping us as we’re stuck indoors and whenever I can go out there’s nothing else for us. I hope something gets sorted soon…

Apologises – Normality Will Resume Soon!

You’ve probably noticed my lack of updates here. Well stuff in my life has shaken me around and I had not realised how much it had affected me until recently. Most of these are my own health and as I’m a mother of two children I will put my health before my blog, I’m sure you all understand that.

People who have known me for a long time will already know that I have been getting back pains for many years. Those who don’t know it’s been ongoing for roughly 6 years now. Yes I have seen the doctors several times in that period and for a long time I was just thrown pain relief in hope to fix it. It didn’t and they decided to remove my gallbladder which was full of gallstones. This is known to cause back pains so after a bad reaction to the anaesthetic I felt so much better and could get on with my life. Sadly the back pain came back. I have a new doctor and this was the first doctor who actually touched me. Seriously. None of them before had actually touched me to examined me more then just asking me a few questions. It’s been decided that I require physiotherapy so currently on the waiting list, along with a packet of pain relief until then. So the back pain has left me not really being able to sit at my computer for long periods of time. Infact as I write this the pain is so bad I want to cry. If anything I’m mostly fed up of living with this pain. I know something isn’t right about my back and I just want to know what’s wrong.

Next was a bit more serious and I hadn’t really realised how much it was bothering me. A few weeks ago a nurse was examining me and noticed a large and rather firm area on my body. Alarm bells rang in her head and soon in mine when she told me I needed to get booked in the hospital ASAP. I asked her what could it be, seeing as she seemed rather concerned and the fact she wanted me seen to urgently. She said the word no one wants to hear. It could be cancerous. The big scary C word. I very quickly got booked in to hospital, like moments after I got home they called me up. I knew how serious it could well be but some reason I just sort of got on with things. Mostly because I didn’t want people around me knowing and worrying. A few days later I was in hospital where I got the news it wasn’t cancer, however I’d still need surgery. I went shopping afterwards and only as we left to go home did it all hit me. I felt sick as I finally let all the stress and worry out. It hit me how lucky I was, how easily my life could have changed that very moment and glad the nurse did her job so well. I do still need surgery and I’ll probably be semi-inactive when the date of my surgery draws near, but it’s nothing serious. That’s what matters the most.

All I can say is if you think there’s anything abnormal or you are not feeling right then please see your doctor. You know your body better then anyone else and don’t feel you’re wasting GPs time. They are there to help you and rather you saw them then ignore it and let it get worse.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I feel like the last 365 days have been intense for me and my family. I started to year finding out my fiancé wasn’t sure he loved me anymore and as it sunk in I spent most of January of last year feeling stupid for not seeing this coming. Suddenly I had no home, no money and no clue where to go or what to do.

February was unhealthy as we played pretend for the children, but the house was torn apart with upstairs being for me and downstairs for him. By the end of the year the kids and I moved in with my parents and the decision to move back to my birthplace was made. A very hard choice for me because I honestly hated living away from the city, but I also hated where I was currently living. Thankfully the living conditions of two children and three adults in a small 3-bedroom semi-detached house didn’t last long as I signed a contract to move in to a rented house not too far from my parents’ and my brother.

March was tough. It was my 30th birthday and I had hopes to celebrate it like I celebrated my fiancé’s 30th by going to Coombe Mill in Cornwall. But I had not even considered a holiday, my life had been flipped all the way around and I was still waiting for benefits to come through. I was living off my parents’ kindness at this point, I know how lucky I am for having them to fall on as some people out there don’t have that option. Mother’s Day was when I officially moved in to my home and I spent it filled with so many emotions. My parents’ did get my son to sign a card to give to me which meant so much, I was just about able to do the same for my own mother as I lacked transport other then asking my dad to take me places. And bare in mind they live in a countryside village so there’s little to no busses and no shops.

April was weird and also tough. It was my son’s birthday and the first time my ex’s family came over. It would also be the last time. Ignoring the fact Tesco screwed up the order for my son’s birthday food and cake and added salt to the wound by offering me £5 gift card as a form of apology, they were just rather rude and at no point thanked me for being the hostess, instead talked about me as if I wasn’t there and thanked my mother for doing everything. This didn’t go unnoticed by my own mother who responded saying was all me. Of course I never got a simple thank-you or anything like that. But to turn over a new leaf my son had started at a brand new school.

From here on my kids were doing well. My son was in a fantastic school and had made friends almost instantly. My daughter was now able to gain 15 free hours at nursery and was at an awesome nursery just round the corner. It was all perfect, but I was still not feeling right. I didn’t know why until later on in the year and I feel stupid for leaving it so long too.

Over time I took my boy camping just me and him for the first time, trips to the beach, spending pennies at the arcades, going to the fireworks display for the first time and having impetigo and other horrible things. But we did it together and made it through it all.

I met a guy. I was very sure I’d never want to date ever again after 11 years with someone just got drained out of me. I wasn’t looking for love and yet something happened and now I have this kind gentleman who will drive 5 hours to see me on a regular basis, sends me flowers and treats me whether it’s a beautiful Pandora bracelet (oh my god I’m still in shock he got me one! Eeep!) or just taking me out for a coffee. It feels weird but in a good way. No, in a GREAT way.

December was just chaotic, having to start all over buying a tree, decorating the house and then realising Christmas was just around the corner… oh god it was a nightmare and I hit rock bottom. This is what I had ignored for months, this feeling of tiredness and hate. I couldn’t be bothered with anything and I was always grumpy and yelling at my children. I had seen my doctor and been given medication but for some (stupid) reason I didn’t take them. Only a few days ago have I finally accepted that I need them. I need anti-depressants. And that’s okay.

The year ended on a good note, meeting an old friend at his wife for a game of Game of Thrones Cluedo, Pizza Hut and some drinks. It was perfect and I cannot wait for 2017 to roll on. I have so many ideas in my head. But you’ll have to wait for that another time.

If you’ve gotten this far then congrats! Seriously even I’m fed up of reading my own blog post! I’ve found 2016 to suck not because of all the losses we’ve seen (though many of them really did upset me) and the hatred we’ve seen, rather it sucked because it was a chaotic mess. But I made my way through it somehow. Time to clear up and make things perfect!

REVIEW: Cat Ear Headphones

I haven’t done much in way of reviews recently, specially after my move from being a parenting blogger to more video games and tech. But when the people of Oregon Scientific contacted me to work with them I was very excited because the product was one I was very interested in trying out for a while. The cat ear headphones!

I’ve been looking for some headphones that are comfortable around my eyes. I find earphones to be uncomfortable and often one of them will pop out every so often. The other type are on the ear headphones which as someone who wears glasses all day I found rather painful pressing my ears against the arms of my glasses. These headphones are OVER the ears and have a soft cushion to keep sound in as well as outside sound out, meaning you get comfort and no noise from around you disturbing your music. Perfect!


Quality wise the sound is very good, in fact better then I expected! The ears are speakers so your friends can listen to whatever music you have on as well rather then having to do that weird share one earplug thing that you see some people do. The speakers are super amazing but good enough that your mates can listen just fine. Quality is certainly in the headphones themselves when comes to sound and honestly I’ve only really used the ear speakers at the most three times and one of those was by mistake. I was waiting for my class in college to start and when I took my headphones off my teacher asked me if I was enjoying the music as much as he was. Whoops!

The headphones are heavier then normal headphones. This is due to the fact the ears are speakers and thus there’s more involved inside them compared to a normal headset. I thought maybe I’d find this bothersome but I’d not really found it to be a problem. The fit is good enough that they don’t slip off my head and I can use them with my iPhone, iPad and my PC without issues. It also comes with a microphone adaptor that you can add or remove so you could use it for video games and speak to your first on Team Speak, Mumble or Skype. Nice little bonus if you ask me!

So would I recommend these for Christmas? I would! They are fun for music fans as well as gamers too, but I’d bet gamers would all over this. I’ve even met someone else in the wild wearing these so don’t feel shy in showing off your cat ears!

You can find them on Amazon and grab them in time for Christmas.