Preparing to Move House

I’ve been a bit quiet lately because after what feels like far too long we’ve had our mortgage finally agreed on and now awaiting to hear back from our solicitor and hopefully get an idea of when we can begin moving into our first home.

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter for the last few months we’ve been battling out way through stress and rage as we buy our first home. It hasn’t been a fun task so far but now there’s some light peering out from what I hope is the end of this tunnel and we’re moving towards it at last. The lack of photographs is mostly due to fact we have been packing for months now and our current home is just piled with boxes, junk that needs organising (or binning) and there’s random piles that are slowly growing of Petit Boy’s old clothes as we start to look at what to keep and what to sell or send to charity.

Yesterday the father-in-law (I’m not married yet but I see them as my in-laws) popped over with more boxes for us and no sooner had he left I filled three of them up with DVDs. The only DVDs which aren’t boxed are ones currently being watched by Petit Boy (Most of the Disney stuff we own) and I haven’t even begun on the video games yet. So another stack of boxes has begun to grow in our hallway. We’re hoping to move a few of these to the office my partner works at as his boss has kindly said we can store a few boxes in the garage there so hopefully this crazy Tetris style of living won’t be for too long. We also need to get rid of a bunch of small Ikea Billy bookcases.

So most likely over the next few weeks or even months you’ll see a few blog posts about moving house, painting rooms and all that jazz. Not sure what I’ll be doing as I’m nearly in the 3rd trimester and lately been suffering with leg pains and poor circulation in my right arm. I’ll be making an appointment to see the midwife (my doctor’s office closes early on a Friday so got to wait until Monday) to see if it’s anything serious and what can be done to help ease it. The leg pain is getting bad as I just take a few steps around the flat and soon I’m in discomfort so time for me to take action and see a professional.

Wish us luck on the move!

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