Review: Clarks Shoes And Fitting

A while ago I got an email asking if I would like to work with a shoe brand and thought actually yes that would be rather good for my blog and then found out it was one of the best brands out there… Clarks!

I say that because as a child Clarks was THE place to get school shoes. No one made lovely, long lasting school shoes that fit a child with wide or slim feet. I’m a slim footed lady and always was as a little girl. Infact my mother took me to a Clarks store which was oddly enough run by a man called Mr Clark. No relation just pure luck that he had the same name as the company! Anyway he was amazing and always got the shoes to fit my slim fit for school with little hassle.

So I decided to take my son to get some casual shoes that will be good for summer and autumn. Petit Boy is not one for staying still and instantly was all over the shop, but the staff thought he was great and didn’t mind at all. We only waited about 10 minutes before our number was called and soon we got our shoes off. Socks must be kept on during a fitting for health and safety reasons, specially with young children. He sat calmly and let the lady check both his feet and sure enough he was 7 1/2 F.

We had a lo0k at all sorts of shoes and the lady even helped by offering to contact the other local Clarks store (we have one in our Mothercare just further up the road) if there is anything we like but they didn’t have in stock just in case the other store did have them in the right size. But my son knew exactly what he wanted and it had planes on the sides. We tried three different shoes, one of which didn’t fit him properly and the other two he loved. Not only did they have planes on them but they would light up every time he took a step! The grin on his face and his jump for joy you would have thought I just told him we were going to Disneyland or something!

And the next day when Nana and Grandad came over to help with some DIY he got them out of the boxes and showed them off, even knew how to make them light up with his hand. He has since spent a large amount of time during the evenings wearing them and laughing as the lights make our stairway look like a nightclub. These are great Clarks boys casual shoes that will suit now and for the colder months which is why we didn’t go for sandals as we wanted something to last.

Oh and the soles of the shoes? Yup they are also themed as well, one pair having planes and the other saying “Jets” on them. Just the little extra detail can make a differences.

Check out the Clarks website to find out your nearest store, shop online or if you don’t have a store near you then why not buy your own gauge to measure your child’s feet at home? They have details online on how to use the gauge, but I recommend you always get your child’s feet measured before you buy as you want to get the best fit possible.

Disclosure: I was sent a voucher towards these shoes and spent some of my own money towards the rest. These are my opinions and are unbiased. Thank you for reading!

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