Review: Dimplemuff Cloth Sanitary Pad

I have been using cloth nappies since my son was 6 months old and now that he is 4 years old and have a little girl in cloth nappies the question came back to me as a woman that still endures visits from Aunt Flo why on earth do I stick chemicals and plastics in my pants and think this is okay? I mean besides the rashes I ended up getting from the chemicals (if you’re a woman think of your muff raw red and feeling like it is burning for 5 days) the fact is they go in the bin and go into landfills and stay there for a long time, similar to disposable nappies. Another big factor is the smell, I had been told many times that it is the chemicals reacting to the fluid that made the god awful smell but I wasn’t so sure. So off I went to get myself a lovely Dimplemuff.


I chose a slightly longer version and a heavy flow to the regular one they offer as I don’t exactly have very kind or gentle periods. There I used the P word I was trying to think of as many different ways to say it but I gave up. Anyway you also get to choose your fabric from an assortment of pretty prints, colours and so forth. Mine arrived a few weeks before my next visit from Aunt Flo so I was able to give it a few rinses and then a wash and then hung out in the sun to dry off. Then it was the waiting game.


I was worried at first that the pretty fabric I decided on wouldn’t be so pretty after I used it and I also was worried it would only last an hour or two. I pushed this pad to the max to find out how well it’ll last and after 4 hours I decided to take it off but honestly think it could have lasted longer. It is recommended with cloth sanitary pads to rinse in cold water to help prevent staining – this is something I was taught as a teenager as often I’d forget my period was starting and stain my underwear so would put them under a cold running tap and voila! I have a ton of wetbags from the many years of testing out different nappy wetbags and winning a few in the past but one was perfect for pads and also had a section perfect for clean pads and spare underwear. Popped it in and waited until wash day with my cloth nappies.

Wash day arrived and it went in with the nappies on the normal wash cycle, I was scared it would stain or even stain one of my nappies but as the door unlocked I checked everything and… no stains! Wow!

Another factor the smell thing I brought up at the start of this blog post? No where near as bad as disposable pads. Infact I could barely smell anything! So softer on my sensitive parts, pretty, easy to wash and dries pretty fast too. I cannot fault this product!

The downside I did find was the “dimplemuff” name tag rubbed on my leg, however this design has changed to fix this issue and you’ll not find this to be the case if you buy one now.

So do I recommend Dimplemuff? Yes I do very much so! Also these are made right here in the United Kingdom. Bonus!

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