Review: Ella’s Kitchen’s First Taste Range

My son loved Ella’s Kitchen range of food, he became a fan of their finger foods for a long time as well and always kept a few in my bag whilst out and about so was happy to take part with testing their new First Taste range of baby food. All of these are very simple tastes of one ingredient and when you sign up as one of Ella’s friends you can start using the interactive weaning guide.



The parsnips and peaches one went down a treat with Petit Girl, she was a little unsure about carrots at first but soon she was whining that I wasn’t feed her fast enough. Sadly the prunes one didn’t go down all that well, the last time we met with prunes was when Petit Boy was prescribed prune juice to help with severe constipated and watered down and just a teaspoon of prune juice it was not liked at all. Prunes are great for fibre and getting a “motion” flowing but seems my kids are as picky as me.

As always these come in the well known Ella’s Kitchen style pouches, great for on the go and fit in a changing bag without taking up too much space. You don’t need to warm it up, just give the pouch a good squeeze before opening it and you’re all set!

So what are my overall thoughts on the First Taste pouches? Good idea, small and simple and help get a baby into trying food and not finding the general baby jars which have several ingredients may be a bit of a taste shock so these could be a good way to introducing food.

Disclosure: I was sent these pouches to test as well as a lovely silver spoon as a gift in exchange for a review. These are my views of the products and are unbiased.

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