Real Nappy Week Guest Post – Amy Ball

As part of Real Nappy Week I have a few lovely Cloth Bum Mums who have kindly answered a few questions for my blog and hope that their advice and information helps you when considering trying out cloth nappies. Today we have Amy Ball, I know Amy from a gNappies Facebook group as well as her custom work over at Little Bear Bots which I totally recommend you check even if you’re just looking for cute handmade clothes!
What age was your little one when you started using cloth nappies?
About one month old
Do you have any brand or style of nappy you prefer to use and if so why?
I exclusively use gNappies. At one point I also used Tots Bots Bamboozles at night but my boy became rashy due to the amount of wet fabric against his skin. I love gNappies because the hybrid capabilities makes them extremely versatile, they are very trim and the choice of colours and prints are beautiful.
Do you have a favourite colour or print?
Hmm, naming just one could be tough. My favourite gNappies solid colour is go fish (a bright turquoise) and my favourite gNappies print is camper (shades of green and blue plaid check). Of course I could have a new favourite with every season’s new releases!
Were there any nappies that just didn’t work for you?
When I started using cloth nappies I tried a few brands (Bum Genius V4s, Itti Bitti Tuttos and gNappjes) as I wanted to try different styles of cloth nappies like all in ones, all in twos, hybrids etc. Although the Bum Genius and Itti Bitti worked fine I found them too bulky both inside the nappy and with fitting clothes over the top.
Will you (or have you) reuse your cloth nappies on your next child? If no what will you do with your stash?
We only have one child but if we have another then I would reuse my gNappies stash. If we decide to stick with the one child then I will sell most of my stash but would keep one or two as keepsakes.
Do you let them dry naturally or are you a tumble drier user or perhaps a mix of both?
I tumble dry the gNappies gCloth inserts and leave the pouches and gPants to air dry indoors.
If you could design a nappy print what would be on it?
Stars or arrows.
For parents considering trying cloth nappies what do you suggest to them?
Try a variety of brands and styles of cloth nappies. Although personal recommendations are fantastic and can help narrow the field (there are so many cloth nappies out there!) babies are all different and what works for me may not work for my friend. Also, be prepared for the fact that cloth nappies are more work than disposable nappies (let’s face it, that’s why sposies were invented) but the work is definitely worth it for many reasons, and washing, stuffing and organising your stash soon becomes part of your everyday routine.

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