Schedules – Not in My Home Ed Life

Schedules don’t exist in my home. We have rough ideas on what we’ll be doing  in the week, we go with the flow. I’m seeing a lot of families who’ve suddenly become Home Educators writing up these intense timetables, then complain how tired they are.

The answer is… bin the schedules!

Children can be hard to keep interested in something. My son hates everything, except maths. But we did some History and Science last week. Without a schedule!

First thing I recommend is, secret learning. Every day you learn new things, right? Children also learn constantly without realising it. When we did our walk, I had an idea of how to sneak in History in to the walk. We happened to walk through our local church, the children asked questions about it and wanted to know more.


See what happened there? They actually wanted to know some history. No amount of colour-coded timetables or printed papers would have made my children feel the desire to learn anything history related. Yet they found a small spark in them. Yes, I totally did a happy dance afterwards. Yes Alexa probably thinks I’m crazy. I don’t care because my kids actually wanted and enjoyed some learning!

91504511_570958727111717_590294614330572800_nWe have loads of Lego too. Most children love those tiny builds of doom. But have you ever thought that maybe those plastic mini bricks could be used for learning? They could build a castle, volcano, robot, whatever they want! Then when they proudly show their creative skills to you, ask them why they chose to use this in their design. What can their robot do? Who would live in their castle?


All this is part of learning. Document as much as you  can with photographs too, you’ll want to look back at these moments in the future. You’ll be proud of their growing minds and realise you’re one heck of a parent too. And remember that this is a huge change for our children to take in. Let them have fun, let them play with a sticker book or make a den out of blankets. You’ve got this.


Stay Safe.

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