Sensory Play – Finding Stars for Matilda Mae

I have always wanted to give sensory play and messy play a go and although we don’t have a good size tray or box to do this in just yet I got out a temporary one and tried something fun. Finding stars for Matilda Mae.


– Craft foam stars (purple and pink)
– Cous cous (dyed)
– Glitter
– Feathers
– Craft gems
– Spoon
– Cups

Originally I gave him two cups so that he could put the stars in one cup and if he wanted he could use the other cup to dig around. Instead he decided he wanted to place pink stars in one cup and purple stars in another cup and use either his hands or the spoon to search for the hidden stars. I had placed the stars under the cous cous, feathers and gems for him to try and find them.


It took him a while to find them all as each time he inspected the gems which were all different shapes. He was telling me what colour the gems were and what shape they were before placing them back and going back to hunting for stars. Every time he found a star he got so happy and excited. And after he found all the stars he decided to mix the red and blue cous cous together with the spoon and his hands.



The cous cous had been in our kitchen cupboards since we moved from the flat which was a year ago so I figured instead of letting it go to waste why not have fun with it, and I loved how got all sorts of different shades of blues and reds. I can see the blue being used again for sure! I cut the stars out myself but next time I think I’ll buy myself some shape cutters as was a lot of time and effort trying to draw them and get them cut out of the A4 foam sheets I had in our crafts drawer.

IMG_4601The thing I did like though was that I could make them any size I wanted them to be, but my hands sure got fed up of me trying to cut tiny stars after a while… but it worked well and was a much enjoyed bit of sensory play for Petit Boy.


Petit Boy: 3 3/4 years old
Time: An hour finding stars, about 10 minutes mixing the colours and then kept coming back after dinner to play some more.

6 thoughts on “Sensory Play – Finding Stars for Matilda Mae

  1. This is fantastic. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and introducing me to your lovely blog. I need to do more sensory play with my two. Feeling like a very bad uncreative mother today seeing all these fantastic crafty sensory playing posts. I must get with the program and try them out #sharewithme

    • thank you. My latest has rice which I dyed green. Sadly I ran out halfway through dying it so then had to mix yellow and blue food colouring to make my own green! Thankfully worked, phew!

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