Sing Along with Disney’s Frozen (DVD Out Monday!)

Petit Boy is a fan of Disney Infinity and knew about Anna and Elsa before the film was even in cinemas and when we decided to go and see it we came out feeling super excited and my first thought was “so is it on DVD yet?” yes we loved it so much that I wanted to watch it at home over and over again RIGHT NOW! Thank goodness it’s coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD on MONDAY! Petit Boy didn’t come to the cinema with us (he can’t stay still long enough or talk quietly so would be a nightmare in a movie theatre) so we have long waited for it to come out so we can all watch together. But in the mean time we have enjoyed watching videos on Disney’s YouTube channel including this sing-a-long song that has had parents, kids, teenagers and even adults without the mini version of themselves attached to them just non-stop singing and secretly behind closed curtains dancing too. Or is the dancing part just me? Whoops. “Let it Go” has been the biggest number from Frozen, although there are loads of other fantastic songs. So far thanks to my son’s love for certain Disney films I have ended up owning the songs on iTunes which I secretly listen to on my iPhone even when he’s not with me… well was a secret until now! Anyway no doubt he’ll enjoy this movie and I’ll be pressured into buying the soundtrack – oh no what a nightmare, right? Cough. And if you haven’t seen Disney’s Frozen… BUY IT! It’s well worth it and no matter what age you are you will enjoy the songs, the story, the characters and the laughs.

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