Splatoon Hype!

So a while ago I wrote about my thoughts on whether to buy a Wii U or not and I was surprised when my fiancé bought one. Since then we have played with our son Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros with lots of laughs and silliness. But now a new game is on the horizon.

“Can I play Splatoon now, Mummy?”

This has been a sentence I have been welcomed to by my son a fair bit recently. And soon I can reply to him with “yes!” but he is 5 years old and doesn’t get the idea that whilst a game is being advertised it doesn’t mean you can buy it and play it right now.He just thinks I mean not today or right now, maybe later or tomorrow. But soon he’ll get a surprise when I finally tell him it is available to play.


So what’s Splatoon? Well I have only tested the online part (when Nintendo’s servers were working… COUGH Nintendo… COUGH!) for an hour (again COUGH) and got the idea of it fairly quickly. The online side to it is basically a paint war. The turf needs to be painted on your team’s ink colour and whoever has the most of their colour inked on the map is the winner. You get to pick from different weapon choices, all comical. There guns are more like water guns and one of them is a huge paint roller. The main characters are actually squid-like beings who have a squid form and a human form and these are known as Inklings. I also understand you can customise your Inkling character.


Single player mode has a story side to it and seen some bits of it on YouTube and Twitch and story mode looks fairly fun. I’ll certainly be putting my thoughts down here later once I get to play it through.

So are you ready for Splatoon? Will you be buying it? Have you already pre-ordered? And will you be getting any of the Amiibos? Love to hear your thoughts so far and have fun tomorrow.


Side note: I’ve heard it’ll be out a tad early on eShop on Wii U so keep your eyes peeled tonight!

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