To Wii U or Not to Wii U?

We’ve been an XBox family since I can remember. The Playstation 3 was in out home for a while but it was purely for blu-ray stuff and decided that wasn’t a good enough reason to keep it around. Now we have an Xbox One and 360 sitting side by side by I wonder often if a Wii U would suit us. Here’s a few things I’ve been thinking about to give you a rough idea on why we are finding it hard to decide.


Mario Kart 8
I love Mario Kart, missed playing these games but this game is still strong and recently my son has asked if he could play this. I also know a few families with kids similar age to my son who also love this game so I think this could be a chance for him to play with other kids. Also I love the idea of racing with my son. I don’t really think I have a downside to this game. Not that I know of yet!

Super Smash Bros.
Been playing this since N64 and it’s painful that for a long time this was my only game I wanted on a Wii U. I know I could get it on a DS but doesn’t seem as fun or as cool. This could be a game all of us could play together. It’s fun, silly, exciting and got loads of cool characters. Downside? My son doesn’t like losing at these sorts of games, but perhaps it’ll teach him people can win and it’s okay to lose once in a while.


Not out yet but what I have seen looks great. I think we’ll all have a good time with this, I can see my son certainly liking the shooting ink, the fact you’re a squid (guess why he likes that idea!) and for me I also like the music. Downside? Not knowing huge amount about it except what I’ve seen from trailers, also doesn’t look cheap either.

Finally… the other issue…

The Age of The Wii U
The Wii U has been out for about 2 years now, 3 years in November. Is it a good idea to buy a console already over 2 years old? And do we get second hand or new? My fiancรฉ seems best to go new due to warranty being offered but then is a brand new price worth it for something fairly dated? Although Zelda game has been pushed back does mean should be out next year so that would be something we’d like to play as adults.

Thoughts? Should we go for it? New or second hand? Love to hear from Wii U owners!

3 thoughts on “To Wii U or Not to Wii U?

  1. Well you know I’m a big fan of the Wii-U, and I think it’s the best family console on the market. My son who is only a little younger than yours loves both Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Brothers on it (plus we have Skylanders and Disney Infinity on it). We also enjoy Mario Party 10 as a game for the whole family to play together. We’ve also just got Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush which is a nice little platformer/puzzle game, and whilst the kids can’t cope with the controls yet, they enjoy sitting and watching my husband play, offering suggestions of which way to go ๐Ÿ™‚

    Regarding new or used, I think I’d be with your fiance. There are some good second hand prices around, but you never know how much wear the unit has taken, and with the tablet controller I’d want to have a brand new one. Buy the 32Gb premium pack rather than the cheap 8Gb pack (the basic pack is really for people who are upgrading from a Wii and have some of the components already). You’ll also want to get at least one wiimote controller for multiplayer games.

    Regarding buying now, well, we know that the Nintendo NX is “in development”, but I think you’ve got a couple of years of use in a Wii-U bought now. Nintendo have said they’re not going to release any more information about their next console until next year, and they’ll be releasing information about it a while before it actually goes on sale.

    Go on! Buy one! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Other than the difference of size (8GB/ or 32GB) what other difference are there between the Basic and Premium? We actually have an external drive that we could use on the Wii U already so storage isn’t a huge deal with us as we have that sorted. My son has seen Mario Kart 8 and has said he wants it and I like the idea that instead of split screen one of us can use the Pad and the other have the TV all for themselves so can still co-op on our rather small-ish TV. Also we still have our old Wii and everything with it.

      • The Premium comes with NintendoLand, which is actually a pretty cute compilation of mini games, mostly featuring familiar characters, Plus it comes with a charging stand for the tablet controller. And a sensor bar, but you’ll already have one of those with your Wii (I didn’t realise you already had a Wii) And it’s black rather than white ๐Ÿ™‚

        But the main difference is that storage size, so if you’ve already got an external drive you don’t need it. And we’ve got a spare copy of NintendoLand I’d be happy to send you if you want it.

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