Toddler Brain Exists, Right?

You hear of baby brain and pregnancy brain where you forget stuff normally you’d never forget and I am pretty forgetful normally so when our boy was born it was like someone sucked the rest of my memory out. But you get the hang of baby lifestyle and toddler lifestyle is the same only with them running around, hitting you because it’s funny and pee starting to be aimed into some sort of potty shaped thing.

I have been sick for a week now and bed bound for most of that period so poor tired old Pa had to come home from work and do bed time routine with me on the sofa feeling pretty gloomy. We watched In the Night Garden as usual and finally Simon Pegg read us a bed time story. Instantly our little chap knew this was bed time. We had decided to do some warm milk tonight, having been told by a few parents that this can help settle a child down for the night, got his Teletubbies in bed with him and he happily got tucked up and fell asleep. What a perfect routine!

Midnight struck and I was woken by the sound of small feet rushing to our room. It was odd as this time he didn’t go straight into our bed, he went to the potty which is in our en-suite. A sign? Oh no. We had failed him as parents and put him to bed minus a nappy. That’s right, we forgot to put a nappy on a child who isn’t dry at night and he woke due to being soaked in his own wee. The bed was a pond, he was soggy pond weed and we were the fools who thought we got this down perfectly.

Lesson we took? Don’t forget to put a nappy on a child whose not dry at night, otherwise dot be shocked when a wet butt lands on your face at 12am in the dark.

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