Top Five Cloth Nappies

I’m asked about cloth nappies often, especially by new-parents and soon-to-be parents find me at The Baby Show (the pink hair and the Smartipants/Tots Bots bags make me easy to find) and then it hit me. Why don’t I write a blog post with my five favourite cloth nappies? I will admit picking them wasn’t easy but I highly recommend these.

If you want a one-size pocket style nappy but don’t want to get your hands in to remove the urine-filled insert then Smartipants is perfect for you. They have a pocket that has two openings and is made so you simply put the nappy in the wash with the inserts still inside and they will pop out during the wash cycle. Smart, right? No wonder they have the name Smartipants! They aren’t too expensive and come in lovely colours. Great for day time use.

Little Lamb Microfibre Fitted Nappy
Along with a Little Lamb wrap this is a brilliant and super soft nappy. You can buy it in different sizes which means it’ll fit snug and has velcrow fastenings. The wrap they sell also helps lock in around the leg so you will be free from any accidents. Microfibre is also fast drying too and for me this nappy is usually nearly dry after a full washing cycle. I can simply hang it out to dry and within an hour it’s practically ready to be worn! Great for bed time if your child is a bit older and not weeing so much during sleep.

Bumgenius Freetime
Another one-size nappy but this one is just great from their funky and colourful designs right down to the fact they allow you to choose from popper or velcro fastening. But what I love the most is there are two inserts which are part of the nappy and you never have to remove them, they are sewn on to the back and front meaning you won’t ever lose them and after drying it is already got the inserts so you just lay them down and put the nappy on! Recommend this for day time use.

Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Nappy
I’ve been using my two for a few months now and man they are so soft, specially considering they are bamboo and most bamboo I own goes stiff and hard. These need a wrap but what I like is they have poppers down the side to make smaller and bigger. These come in two sizes and make good bed time nappies.

Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy
Bamboo is brilliant for big wetters, although I do find they need a tumble dry once in a while to keep soft. But even when a bit stiff it’s still super absorbent. Again with the Little Lamb wrap this nappy comes in different sizes and with it’s velcro fastening it gets a perfect fit. Great for bed time and super wetters.

Oh man it was hard to pick just five but I think I did a fairly good job. I’ve not put prices up as these vary from retailers all the time and can change, but I hope it has given you a good idea on cloth nappies.

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