Top Five One-Size Nappies

After doing my top five cloth nappies I realised how hard it was to pick just five and so though I’d do top five list for different types of nappies. So here are Petit Mom’s favourite one-size nappies and why.

Bumgenius Freetime
Okay this nappy does cost a bit more than some, however it is well worth the cost and not only is it so easy to use, it will last to potty training and will happily continue working well future babies. Best of all you can choose poppers or velcro, it’s all up to you. If you are looking into cloth nappies for your new baby and people are asking for gift ideas then why not ask for some Bumgenius Freetimes!

What I love about Smartipants is the no-mess system that the inserts come out during the washing cycle, meaning you never need to touch the soaking wet insert. The Smartipants make great day time nappies and the poppers are strong. These are great value as well, however if you have a heavy wetter you may want to buy some more inserts just incase.

Close Parent Pop-in
I’ve used older pop-in nappies and love them and now their brand new nappies are out and even better than before. You can get them with minkee or bamboo inserts, bamboo being great for night time and they also sell night time soakers separately if you wish to become a full-time cloth user. They also do printed nappies as well, cost a bit more than their basic coloured nappies, so depends if you like the added cuteness value or don’t mind that much.

Tots Bots Easyfit
You can get some fantastic new prints or just the bright colourful easyfits. They are a little bit expensive, however you can ask if people could buy you some NapNap Vouchers to use towards your new baby’s cloth nappy collection, as some websites who use these vouchers also sell Tots Bots Easyfit nappies.

A one-size pocket nappy. What a like about these nappies are the option to shorter or double over the inserts, plus you get two inserts for each nappy! They are a fantastic price and come in lovely colours and patterns. Perfect day time nappies all the way to potty training age.

Another tough list, but I think the five chosen were worthy to be picked as Best One-Size Cloth Nappies – as chosen by Petit Mom. Thanks for reading!

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