Introducing the New Bambino Mio Two-Piece Nappy

Bambino Mio have two different cloth nappies. We have the much loved one size nappy called the Mio Solo and then there's the Miosoft which is a two-piece sized nappy. Today u bring you the news of one of these nappies.

The brand new Miosoft is out today! You can now get the lovely new prints which are currently in the Solo range are now on the Miosoft wraps. The best of all is you only need a one size prefold and just buy the size one or size two wraps when you need them, thus you are making extra savings!


You can check them out over at Bambino Mio's website and for this week only can get them at 20% off. We cannot wait to test out the new version, I love prefold style nappies as they are super easy (no origami needed!) and cheap so I shall be writing and recording a video on how we get on with it.



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