Women’s Rights to The A Word

Once upon a time women married, had tons of babies and kept their husband happy and there was no such thing as Women’s Rights. They even cleaned the house for those not from a wealthy background. Flash forward a little and women began to take on jobs as the men went to war for many years and thus the country needed someone to keep it ticking over. If all the men are at war then whose running the farms that bring in food for the country (remember during times of war export and import were next to none and people were on rations), sew uniforms for our soldiers, you get the idea. In time these women fought for our rights that we have today such as to work, vote and to have an abortion.

Yes it’s the A word. I call it ‘The A Word’ because although we live in a first world country we still consider it too shocking to speak about, as if that word is part of the swearing words family in the English dictionary (not that our dictionaries have a swearing section) or something. We don’t talk about it, we look the other way when it is talked about and those who don’t affect our rights by blurting out usually regilous crap.

I’ve blogged about my reasons before but here’s a summary for new readers. 11 years ago I had an abortion after I was in a deeply abusive relationship where I was mentally and sexually abused by a man. This later went on to being physical abuse but not for long as that was when I spoke up to my mother about it and got some help cutting him out of my life. I never felt like hiding my abortion to people because if the NHS are willing to do them and it is legal to have one in this country then it isn’t a problem, right? I should also point out I was 17 years old and thus very naive.

I was talking to a someone who confided in me and we both agreed that there is no after care for abortion. Our reasons may have been different as to why we had one but that’s besides the point, she took her right to decide on having an abortion and the way our country cares for women like us is to do a “wham bam thank you mam” approach of care. You sign a form, take the medication, it happens over a period of time and then you leave. That’s pretty much it. Why is this okay? Why don’t we treat women who’ve gone through an abortion with some sort of counselling?

If you’re still reading and think I’m talking crap then let me lay it down for you. I chose for my sake and the child that could have been the life on living with a man who thinks it is okay to abuse women (he would attack his mother too). Are you telling me that’s a healthy family life to bring a child up in? And oh the fact I was already diagnosed with depression and had considered suicide previously, would that have been good for a child? Because I will be blunt and say if I had continued with that pregnancy I am not sure I’d even be here today. Alive I mean.

Oh and anyone who calls abortion the easy way out you are so foolishly and naive. You don’t pop in and get them whenever you like, this isn’t like buying chocolate from the supermarket “oh go on, one more won’t hurt” because that’s not how it works! You get interviewed, you have to tell a doctor why you want this and even get asked things like if you have considered adoption. And each time you go for an abortion it gets harder. Infact it was explained to me as almost a 3 strikes sort of thing. At some point they’ll think you’re taking the piss here. I am talking about NHS here, I cannot vouch for private abortions but oddly enough most women getting an abortion can’t afford private healthcare. In this country we don’t get them just by asking, it has to have good reasoning behind it and usually that is to do with the woman’s health and economics.

Abortion shouldn’t be a secret women have to hide from people, we shouldn’t be made to feel like outcasts and suffer disgraceful remarks like whore or that we are working for Satan. Next time you think about making a negative comment about abortions just think how much you are setting back our country in doing so and Women’s Rights as a whole. Think of how you and others like you are making women feel the need to hide.



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