YouTube Gaming

You’re probably thinking “but Mew, Gaming on YouTube has been around for YEARS!” and you’d be right. But this is a whole new part of YouTube. It’s… YouTube Gaming.

Okay maybe I’m not selling it well for you but here’s what my own channel now looks like on the YouTube Gaming website.



So you see on the right there’s lots of icons of various channels? Those are people currently live right now. That’s right. It’s but with the YouTube sticker on it. And I must say, it looks pretty impressive. And this could actually be a good contender for specially as the main issue I have with Twitch is lack of help for streaming to make an income.

On the left are trending games and also for you to find your favourite games and “star” them so you can easily check them whenever you’re on the website. Again very similar to in this case.

This is an app, this is the way many things will be going and so far I’m liking it. Do I honestly think this could beat Twitch down? You know that sound plumbers make that’s followed by “it’s gonna cost ya”? I’m kinda making that sound right now as to be honest… I’m unsure but at the same time think YouTube is already far bigger and better than Twitch and could well be the way forward for gaming and live streaming.

So will I live stream on here? Probably. I’ve got a lot happening right now (stay tuned for more videos and interviews!) as well as a ton of ideas popping into my head that I’ve yet to draft out anywhere other than in my brain. So yes I’ll give this platform a good try out and shall hope to see some of you there. If you wanna know when videos of mine come out or when I go live then click “subscribe” on my YouTube channel. Thanks!

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